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Tuesday August 30, 2011
As CEDIA Expo 2011 approaches next week, URC has just announced their training schedule along with incentives for show attendees to come and spend some time learning.

Over the 12 free training courses running between Wednesday and Saturday, URC will be giving away over $120,000 in merchandise and door prizes. Additionally, everyone who attends will receive two books (softbound and on CD), combined with over 350 pages of useful information on programming Total Control whole-house systems. Read more...

Posted by Daniel Tonks on 8/30 at 9:30 AM
Thursday August 18, 2011
URC has sent around a teaser email promoting their forthcoming MXW-920 remote control, which is essentially a water-resistant version of the MX-900 with an all-new look and button layout. This model, and presumably others, will be officially unveiled at CEDIA 2011 next month. Read more...
Posted by Daniel Tonks on 8/18 at 7:11 AM
Sunday June 19, 2011
In today's video Hank Eisengrein from URC gives us an in-depth look at the range of new Total Control products.

Learn about the MRX-10 and MRX-1 network controllers, DMS-1200 multi-zone and DMS-100 single-zone amplifers, TRC-780 and TRC-1200 color remote controls, TKP-100 in-wall keypad, the all-new line of IP cameras, MAC filtering network switches and more. Read more...

Monday May 30, 2011
Today’s video in our series features URC’s Eric Johnson, who takes you on a tour of the company booth and introduces the company’s completely new Total Control series of products.

In addition to an overview of the general concept and how it can benefit Custom Installers, you’ll also get to see some of the new products including the SNP-1 network music player, MRX-10 advanced network controller, TRC-780 2-way remote control, DMS-100 single-zone and DMS-1200 multi-zone amplifiers, plus the TKP-2000 in-wall network keypad. Read more...

Posted by Daniel Tonks on 5/30 at 7:40 AM
Tuesday November 9, 2010
URC is offering special training webinars and a very special price on one of their remotes for current Pronto dealers who want to check out the company's product lineup. Read more...
Posted by Daniel Tonks on 11/09 at 6:25 PM
Friday September 17, 2010
At CEDIA 2010 held next week in Atlanta, Georgia, URC will be making it clear why they no longer want to be known as “Universal Remote Control Inc.” While URC normally has a number of nifty new things at CEDIA to show off, this year the now more generically named tri-letter company will be introducing an impressively large slate of new products, including ones that definitely don’t qualify as universal remote controls. Read more...
Monday May 10, 2010
URC (otherwise known as Universal Remote Control Inc.) has announced the availability of their new Super Remote SR3, which is billed as being ideal for users of all ages – from kids to seniors. Priced at $24.99 MSRP, it’s a 3-device preprogrammed remote with large, distinctively shaped buttons. Read more...
Posted by Daniel Tonks on 5/10 at 6:59 AM
Monday April 26, 2010
With Universal Remote Control Inc. now marketing themselves simply as URC (an abbreviation that all the cool kids have already been using for years), I've decided to modify our former "Universal Remote Control Inc." forum (intended solely for the company's consumer remotes) to "URC's Consumer Remotes".

Hopefully this name change also help clarify the purpose of the forum, resulting in slightly fewer folks confusing it as a general forum for "all universal remote controls".

For all of URC's professional/CI remotes, we of course continue to host the "Complete Control by URC" forum.

Posted by Daniel Tonks on 4/26 at 3:41 AM
Wednesday March 24, 2010
URC, the newly renamed company previously known to most as URC, has introduced two new IP-based products to their lineup today at EHX. There's the KP-4000, a hard-wired in-wall keypad sporting a 3.5” color touchscreen display, and the MRX-1 network basestation for interfacing with all other audio/video devices. Read more...
Posted by Daniel Tonks on 3/24 at 10:41 PM
Wednesday November 4, 2009
URC has just released a major update for their Complete Control Program, starring a brand new web browser for the WiFi-enabled MX-6000, along with nearly 450 new 2-way modules and 300 new RS-232 modules to work with. A worthwhile update indeed! Read more...
Posted by Daniel Tonks on 11/04 at 7:22 PM
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