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Remote controls... almost everyone has one. In fact, the Consumer Electronics Association estimates that the average American household has at least four. Wouldn't you like to replace every one of those clickers with a single remote that can do everything, only better? That's why we're here - to help you pick the perfect clicker!

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This sleek hybrid remote uses computer-based wizard-style setup and claims to be the world’s easiest remote! It features a color touchscreen display, great selection of hard buttons, rechargeable battery and optional RF extender, and can control 18 devices with an IR database, code learning, macros and favorite channel icons. Read more...
This could be the best DVR remote for under $30! Sony's RM-VL610 offers control over 8 audio/video components with full infrared learning for an amazing 50 functions per device, including numerous indispensable DVR/PVR buttons. It also has 12 macros, a preprogrammed database and three swappable color panels. Read more...
RM-V310 review update! Like the looks of Sony's learning remotes but don't need as much power? Check out these two new additions to Sony's preprogrammed lineup. The economical 4-device RM-V210 is a cross between the RM-V310 and RM-VL610, while the specialty purpose RM-EZ4 has really big buttons. Read more...
Whether you use your PlayStation 3 console as a Blu-ray Disc player, a music player, a video streamer or even an actual game system, these 7 advanced infrared-to-Bluetooth adapters offer from-the-couch convenience to turn the PS3 on and off, along with a full complement of 51 functions. Read more...
- Covers: Audio Authority BlueBeam, IR2BTci, IR4PS3 v3, Logitech Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3, ps3toothfairy Elite, Schmartz PS3IR-1000 & PS3IR-500.
Okay, so it may not be a remote control - but it does come with one! Pinnacle's pocket-sized external USB tuner can receive practically anything including off-air HDTV, analog cable, digital ClearQAM cable, FM radio... even videos from that old VCR. But more importantly this gadget delivers some surprising test results! Read more...
The mid-priced Digital R50 updates the esteemed MX-500 with a bright color LCD screen, a more modern design and even more versatility. It controls 18 devices, includes a preprogrammed code database, complete infrared learning, tons of macros, customizable button labels, a favorite channels section, red keypad backlighting... the list goes on! Read more...
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