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Lost your manual? Can't figure out how to change the settings on your universal remote control? You've come to the right place! We've got several sections on Remote Central that can help you figure out how to program your remote.

Please note that Remote Central does not sell any remotes; we are an online publication dedicated to remote controls.

Our Programming Guides
First is our collection of in-house programming guides. These are instructions for certain popular remote control models that we've written ourselves - you should find them easier to understand and more direct than the original manuals.

Crisp Solutions
Fobis Technologies
Home Logic
Home Theater Master
One For All
Radio Shack
True or False?
All remotes use the same codes.
False. Each remote control manufacturer uses a different system for storing preprogrammed codes, and as a result their remotes will have completely unique code numbers compared to all others. Even within the same brand, what may work for one model may not work on the next due to database updates.

Now there may be some database similarities between certain brands of remotes, as one manufacturer may produce remotes for several third-party brands, or license their database for use to other companies.

If I only had the new code number, it would work...
False. Preprogrammed databases contain finite, specific instructions for devices that existed up to the point that the remote was first produced. If a manufacturer releases new equipment that uses previously unknown IR instructions, you can’t just enter a new code number in your preprogrammed-only remote and have it work.

Note that learning remotes can be taught nearly any infrared command as long as you have the original remote to teach from, and a few brands also offer methods of upgrading their code databases.

Even if there’s no code listed, it might work.
True. Due to the growing number of OEM and “house” brands, if your specific brand is not listed there may still be a functional code somewhere in your remote. Most remotes offer a code search function for this reason, which will step through the entire built-in database and help you locate a potential match.
Download Original Universal Remote Control Manuals
Didn't find what you need? Then it's time to bring out the big guns! As a special service we offer a file section with over 1,600 universal remote control manuals and code lists for more than 115 different brands! If you've got the remote, chances are we have the manual.

It's the largest collection of remote manuals you'll find anywhere, and what's more we offer them to you absolutely free! However, if you do find what you need then please consider making a donation to help support bandwidth costs.

Support - donate by PayPal!

We Want Your Manuals!
Do you have the original programming instructions for a universal or multi-brand remote control? Well then, help others by sending in your code sheets today!

Send us the manuals to all brands, models and types - whether they were purchased separately or were packaged with another piece of equipment. All you need to do is either obtain the manufacturer's original PDF file (sometimes available on their website), or scan copies of your original programming instructions including brand code sheets.

Next just fill out the upload form to send them to us! Also helpful would be the actual part number of the remote and a scanned photo. If needed we’ll package your scans into a tidy PDF and post the results in our remote control manual file area for everyone to download for free, giving you due credit.

Manuals for Popular Brands

You can also request manuals and codes in our message forums.

External Programming Websites
Finally, if you still don't have what you need, here's a selection of manufacturer and end user remote control sites that may be able to help you further.

Dish Network
Official website with remote control manual downloads.
Carlton Bale's page dedicated to programming the stock Dish remote.
Official website with remote control manual downloads.
General Electric (GE)
Manufacturer's website with PDF instructions to GE universal remotes.
Manufacturer's website. Search by original device model number.
Manufacturer's website. Select "Country: USA", click on "Owners Manuals", then select your product type.
One For All
Select your model and then click on the "Manual" link.
Select your model.
Select "Universal Remote Controls" and your model for a list of manual downloads.
This FAQ by Gerard J. Pinzone contains answers to many questions about the Cinema 7 and other similar remotes.
Rob Crowe's resource site for the Radio Shack 15-1994, 15-1995 and One For All Cinema 7 remotes.
Manufacturer's website. Select your model from the list.
Radio Shack
Rob Crowe's resource site for the Radio Shack 15-1994, 15-1995 and One For All Cinema 7 remotes.
Manufacturer's website. Covers fairly recent models. For newer models you must search through the normal Radio Shack product catalogue using your remote's part number (15-####).
Manufacturer's website. Select "Remotes" in the left column and then type of remote.
Manufacturer's website. Select the type or enter the model number of your original component.
Manufacturer's website. Select the type of your original component.
Manufacturer's website. Enter the model number of your original component.
Use Option #1 to search by remote control model number, or select "Remote Controls" in Option #2.
Enter in your remote control or product's model number in the left. Or select "Personal Audio" in the right, followed by "Other", for a remote control model number list.
Enter in your remote control or product's model number in the left. Or select "Accessories" in the right, followed by "Portable Audio Accessories" and "Remote Commander", for a remote control model number list.
Manufacturer's website. Select your original device type.
Universal Electronics Inc.
Manufacturer's website with cable OEM remote control manuals.
Universal Remote Control Inc.
Manufacturer's website. Consumer, professional and cable OEM product manuals.
US Electronics
Manufacturer's website with cable OEM remote control manuals.
Manufacturer's website. Select "Country: USA Zenith", click on "Owners Manuals", select Product Group: "Accessory", Product: "Accessory", Language: "English" and then hit "Search" for a list of all manuals.
A website with links to many manuals and other resources.
If you know of a remote control programming resource that isn't listed here, please send it to us!

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