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One For All Director Remote Control Review
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After selecting a device, the Director displays a keypad and small window. Enter in the Key Magic number, then press [TEST] to see if it works. If it doesnít, press [CLEAR] and enter another number. Otherwise, press the [OK] button to place the magic code onto any key under any device. You donít have to keep Key Magic buttons under the device they were designed for, though you must have a device code entered and functional in order to initially configure advanced codes.

One For All Director URC-9900
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Another appealing feature of the Director are macros, which allow you to record a sequence of keystrokes and play them back at any time. Popular uses for macros are system power, changing inputs, playing a movie and favorite channels. With the Director you can configure up to 21 macros, each containing up to 32 commands. Furthermore, a macro can be placed on any device key, or located on one of four "global" keys that always reside near the top of the screen.

Macro programming is accessed from the same "Personalization" menu as learning signals. Macros have their own complete sub-setup menu with a listing of all 21 on the remote, no matter where they were stored. This provides a really quick way to determine how many free places are left, or if you need to locate one in particular. Unlike the cumbersome learning process, programming a macro shows remarkable refinement. Immediately after selecting a button to record upon you can navigate the remote, recording commands (note that changing devices counts as two keystrokes). After youíve recorded the first keystroke, several new buttons appear beneath the device selection bar: [DELAY], [TEST] and [CLEAR]. [DELAY] adds a 1-second pause after the previous command and counts as a single keystroke, though you can add up to eight 1-second delays and still have it count as only one command. [TEST] plays the macro back thus far, while [CLEAR] deletes everything recorded and lets you start over fresh. The small [OK] button, located just under the page buttons, saves the macro.

When "saving" the remote asks whether the macro should be assigned to a device button or all devices. Selecting "All Devices" presents a new screen with four small buttons that will be inserted beneath the device selection bar, keeping the four most critical macros in view no matter what device is in use. Macros transmit quickly, with less than a quarter second delay between each command. Once one has started playing it canít be stopped, while only the four system macros can change devices or pages. Macros cannot be assigned to a device button so that each time itís selected a series of commands are sent; separate buttons for that would have to be created under each device.

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