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One For All Director Remote Control Review
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One For All Director URC-9900 Features:

Controls 15 components: Default device types are TV, Cable, Satellite, VCR, DVD, LD, Tuner (Receivers), Amplifier, CD, Tape, DAT, Phono, Video Accessory and Home Controller. The Director can control any number of any device types, up to the 15 maximum limit.

LCD touchscreen: The Director includes a 4.9" diagonal dot-matrix LCD touchscreen display with 160 by 240 resolution (providing 69 by 56 DPI). The LCD turns off after 20 seconds of inactivity.

Backlighting: The LCD screen is backlit with an aqua green electroluminescent (EL) panel. The backlighting is selectable on/off via a hard button and turns off after 15 seconds of inactivity.

LCD and hard buttons: The Director includes six hard buttons, five of which are user configurable. Device LCD screens can contain up to 18 buttons on each page, with between two and four pages per device.

Preprogrammed code database: A built-in UEI code database covering hundreds of components is included with the Director. Devices may be programmed by brand, search or code number entry methods.

Add new preprogrammed codes: Via a magnetic coupler modem, the Director can be upgraded over the phone or through your PC’s speakers with new preprogrammed code sets.

Full learning: The Director can learn infrared signals from your original remote controls onto any button under any device.

Macros: The director can record 21 macros, with up to 32 commands each. Macros can be placed on any device soft button or positioned on one of four "system" slots which are displayed on-screen at all times. Delays can be added of 1 to 8 seconds in length.

Customized button labels: Each and every LCD button can have a custom button, with up to 11 characters per button (4-7 average). A total of 132 letters, numbers, symbols and icons are available for use. Buttons are positioned on a 3 by 6 grid and will not be displayed unless they contain a function.

Key Mover: Lets you copy a button from one device to another.

Key Magic: Using advanced "Magic Codes", buttons can be programmed to control specific device functions not normally available.

Volume Lock: Allows you to configure the Director’s volume buttons to control the volume of one device under any number of other devices.

Built-in stylus: Provides a way to use the screen without adding fingerprints. When not in use, the stylus is secured in a special slot in the case.

Four IR emitters: Two wide-beam and two narrow-focus IR diodes are positioned on the front and right sides of the remote, allowing you to use the remote while not pointing it at the devices being controlled.

Help screens: An on-board help system provides assistance programming the remote whenever you need it.

Home Theater Mode: A button located at the top of the screen brings the most-used functions of a wide number of system devices together under one area. You may configure what devices to include under this section and may also program an additional "power" Macro.

Visual & audible confirmation: A beep confirmation tone may be enabled or disabled, while a red LED lights whenever a signal is being transmitted.

Memory protection: The Director will not lose its programming when it is without power. A low battery notice warns when batteries are getting weak.

Remote lock: The Director can be locked so that user customized settings are not accidentally erased or changed.

PC interface: A RS232 serial port is provided for future use.

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