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Xantech URC-2 Remote Control Review
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Xantech URC-2 & URC-2P Features:

Lightweight design: Weighing only 6.5 ounces with batteries, the slim and lightweight URC-2 is easy to hold and operate.

Controls 8 devices: The Xantech URC-2 features control of 8 devices with up to 40 buttons per device.

Full learning: The URC-2 can hold up to 320 learned command - one on each device button. Learning frequencies range from 31kHz to 71kHz.

Macros on any button: There is no defined limit to the number of macros or how many steps each macro can have - you are limited only by memory. Delays up to 30 seconds can be added.

Automatic backlighting: Each button is backlit by the aqua-colored electroluminescent (EL) panel. A motion sensor in the URC-2 automatically activates the backlight whenever a key is hit or the remote is moved. The backlight shuts off after 6 seconds.

Device indication: Whenever the backlight is enabled the selected device is illuminated by a matching LED.

Optional PC software: The Dragon Drop-IR package and serial communications cable adds the following capabilities:

  • Dual Tiering: Each button can have two commands associated - one that activates when a button is pressed, and one when the button is instead held for one second.
  • Shift lock: The 9 transport/menu buttons feature a special "Shift Lock" function that allows you to directly and easily access one tier or the other.
  • Save configurations: Custom setups for the URC-2 can be saved to disk. Existing URC-2 setups may be uploaded from the remote to clone to other URC-2s.
  • Import CCF files: Dragon Drop-IR can import entire Pronto CCF files, or individual hex codes.
  • Backlight timeout: Only configurable via the software, the backlight can be set to turn off after 1 through 10 seconds of inactivity.
  • Keypad tracking: If you have a Xantech Smartpad system, the URC-2 can transmit codes that cause the keypads to automatically select the URC-2's active device.
  • Test codes: All infrared commands in Dragon Drop-IR can be tested through the remote without downloading the setup.
  • Optional PCIR-1: Xantech's programming module can be used to configure the URC-2 or other Xantech devices.

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