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Universal remotes not only allow you to consolidate every one of your existing controllers into a single unit, but can also help tame the technological barrier of complexity that may prevent friends or family members from fully enjoying your home theater. If you have any questions or comments on one of these reviews, please feel free to send us a comment.

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Acoustic Research Xsight Touch ARRX18G
Acoustic Research
New! This sleek hybrid remote uses computer-based wizard-style setup and claims to be the world’s easiest remote! It features a color touchscreen display, great selection of hard buttons, rechargeable battery and optional RF extender, and can control 18 devices with an IR database, code learning, macros and favorite channel icons. Read more...
Elite Screens ZR800D
Elite Screens Inc.
The first universal remote control design from Elite Screens is an 8-device model that merges numerous hard buttons with an informative backlit LCD screen. Also included are a built-in preprogrammed code database, infrared learning, plus macro support. Read more...
Logitech Harmony 1000
The Harmony 1000 is the company's first full color touchscreen design and, as with other Harmony models, is programmed completely over the Internet. It uses an activity-based concept to merge all of your A/V components into intuitive tasks containing only the most used commands from each device. Also available is an optional RF extender. Read more...
One For All Kameleon 8 URC-9960
Universal Electronics Inc.
The One For All Kameleon 8 URC-9960 reflects the second generation of UEI's unique "Kameleon" technology. Neither touchscreen nor hard buttoned, the innovative URC-9960 offers control of 8 devices plus a "home theater" mode, bright backlighting with pickup sensor, code learning, macros, and easy setup! Read more...
Philips PHDVR8L
Philips Electronics
The Philips PHDVR8L is an economical 8-device universal remote with a lightweight and sleek design with lots of buttons, full backlighting, code learning, macros and more. Also available as the Philips/Magnavox PMDVR8 without backlight. Read more...
Philips ProntoPro NG TSU7000
Philips Electronics
The Philips ProntoPro NG TSU7000 is a color version of the TSU3000, upgrading the TSU6000. It offers a 65,000-color TFT LCD touchscreen display, 32 megabytes of memory, numerous hard buttons, USB communications, rechargable battery and an optional RF extender. Use the ProntoProEdit NG software for full customization. Read more...
- Also covered: Marantz RC9500.
Philips Pronto NG TSU3000
Philips Electronics
The Philips Pronto Next Generation TSU3000 upgrades the previous TSU2000 model with more memory, a high quality 16-shade LCD, numerous hard buttons, USB communications and an optional RF extender. Complete remote customization is possible with the ProntoEdit NG editing software. Read more...
SnapStream Media Firefly PC Remote Control
SnapStream Media
The SnapStream Firefly PC Remote Control can turn any standard computer system into a couch potato-friendly media center/HTPC. Features 48 hard buttons, plus wireless through-the-walls RF technology via the bundled USB RF receiver. Read more...
Sony RM-VL610
Sony Electronics
New! This could be the best DVR remote for under $30! Sony's RM-VL610 offers control over 8 audio/video components with full infrared learning for an amazing 50 functions per device, including numerous indispensable DVR/PVR buttons. It also has 12 macros, a preprogrammed database and three swappable color panels. Read more...
Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc Remote Control
Sony Electronics
Sony's remote control accessory for the PlayStation 3 makes watching a Blu-ray Disc or DVD movie on your console a simple and intuitive operation, thanks to extensive controls with familiar labels and convenient non-directional Bluetooth communications. Read more...
Sony RM-VL600
Sony Electronics
Want a true learning universal remote for under $25? The Sony RM-VL600 hard buttoned remote could be the perfect match! This model upgrades the RM-VL710 with control of 8 devices, a preprogrammed code database, 12 macros and plenty of IR learning memory. Read more...
Sony RM-V310
Sony Electronics
Like the looks of Sony's learning remotes but don't need as much power? Then maybe one the RM-V310 will do the job! It features the same design as the RM-VL600 and control of 7 devices via a preprogrammed code database, but costs under $15! Read more...
- Updated with the Sony RM-V210 and Sony RM-EZ4
Sony RM-AV2500
Sony Electronics
The mid-priced Sony RM-AV2500 remote control improves upon the RM-AV2100 by offering a new case design with more hard buttons, 24 macros, aliases and better customization. It also features control of 12 devices, a large backlit LCD touchscreen and excellent code learning capabilities. Read more...
Universal Remote Control Inc. Digital R50
Universal Remote Control Inc.
New! The mid-priced Digital R50 updates the esteemed MX-500 with a bright color LCD screen, a more modern design and even more versatility. It controls 18 devices, includes a preprogrammed code database, complete infrared learning, tons of macros, customizable button labels, a favorite channels section, red keypad backlighting... the list goes on! Read more...
Complete Control MX-900 Genesis
Universal Remote Control Inc.
A perfect median between the MX-850 and MX-950 in more than just name, the MX-900 Genesis is a USB computer programmable remote that features many advanced capabilities. It can control up to 252 devices or activities, features nearly unlimited macros, vibrant LED backlighting and narrow-band RF technology. Read more...
- Also covered: MSC-400 Master System Controller.
Complete Control MX-950 Aurora
Universal Remote Control Inc.
As Universal Remote Control Inc.'s top-of-the-line hard buttoned remote, the Complete Control MX-950 Aurora includes many high-end features such as USB-based PC programming, a multi-color backlit LCD screen, control of up to 255 devices, unlimited macros, custom graphics and sound, variables and a whole lot more! Read more...
Universal Remote's URC-100, URC-200 & URC-300
Universal Remote Control Inc.
Now sold as the RF-10, RF-20 and RF-30. Universal Remote Control Inc.'s URC-100 Unifier, URC-200 Automator and URC-300 Customizer are advanced remotes that offer control of up to 15 devices, complete code learning, up to 600 macros, customizable labels, a favorite channels section, menu pad, RF capabilities, DVD setup video and more! Read more...
Universal Remote's Home Theater Master MX-700
Universal Remote Control Inc.
The Home Theater Master MX-700 could be the ultimate hard-buttoned remote control. With full computer programmability via the MX Editor software package, the MX-700 can control 20 devices with hundreds of macros and thousands of learned codes. The MX-700 also includes a 5-way menu joystick, full backlighting and the optional MX-200 SideKick. Read more...
- Updated with the Home Theater Master MX-800.
Universal Remote's Home Theater Master MX-500
Universal Remote Control Inc.
Like buttons? Then the Home Theater Master MX-500 is for you! Featuring control of 10 devices with up to 53 functions each, this is one powerful remote. It includes a large LCD screen for custom labels, a preprogrammed database, learning on every key and 15 macros. Even better, it has a 5-way joystick! Read more...
Fobis Technologies Weemote dV
Fobis Technologies Inc.
If your kids are looking for a remote to call their own, then take a look at the Fobis Technologies Weemote dV. It's a simple and durable preprogrammed and learning remote control designed especially for children to use with DVD players and other digital video devices. Read more...

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