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FAQ documents are collections of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. This particular FAQ file covers the operation of all remote control models related to the Philips Pronto NG. To view the answer to a particular question, click the number on the left side. A separate FAQ is also available for the original Pronto.

For additional information on these remotes please be sure to read our in-depth reviews of the Pronto NG TSU3000 and the ProntoPro NG TSU7000 & Marantz RC9500.

Philips Pronto Next Generation
TSU3000 & ProntoPro TSU7000 FAQ

Version 1.0a
November 11, 2004

Please note: although this document refers to the "Pronto NG TSU3000", "ProntoPro NG TSU7000", "ProntoEdit NG", and "ProntoProEdit NG", unless directly specified all information also applies to the Pronto NG SBC-RU950, ProntoPro NG SBC-RU980, Marantz RC5400 and Marantz

Table Of Contents


    General Description
    A1-01   What is the Pronto NG, and how does it differ from the regular Pronto?
    A1-02   How many models are there?
    A1-03   Approximately, how much does it cost?
    A1-04   What’s the difference between European and North American models?
    A1-05   Is the docking station worth it?

    Physical Characteristics
    A2-01   What processor and operating system does it use?
    A2-02   How large is the screen, and how many colors can it display?
    A2-03   Is the Pronto NG compatible with the ProntoPro TSU6000’s docking station?
    A2-04   What frequencies can the remote learn?
    A2-05   Does the Pronto NG use a standard USB cable?

    Using the Remote
    A3-01   What are the current firmware versions?
    A3-02   Can I upgrade a North American Pronto NG with European hardware, or vice versa?
    A3-03   Can all hard buttons be programmed?
    A3-04   How does the light level setting work?
    A3-05   Can I broadcast IR & RF at the same time?
    A3-06   Can the Pronto NG work with RF equipment?
    A3-07   Why won’t my screen calibrate?
    A3-08   Why does the contrast reset every time the remote reboots?
    A3-09   Why is my battery life so poor?


    Using the Software
    B1-01   What are the current software versions?
    B1-02   Can I take screen captures of my design?
    B1-03   Is there an easier way to work with the “Button Properties” window?
    B1-04   Is it possible to adjust the properties for more than one button at a time?
    B1-05   What does the “Template” setting do?
    B1-06   What keyboard shortcuts are there?

    Managing Files
    B2-01   What different file formats are there?
    B2-02   What is a PCF file?
    B2-03   Can I import a CCF file? Or an NCF file?
    B2-04   Why do some files fail to open?
    B2-05   How can I optimize memory usage?
    B2-06   I’m receiving the message “this file type cannot be opened by this editor”. What can I do?
    B2-07   Is there an easier way to open a PCF file as a ZIP file?
    B2-08   I’ve extracted and re-compressed a PCF file. Why won’t it load?

    Designing Layouts
    B3-01   How much of the screen can I customize?
    B3-02   With a full-screen custom interface, how can I view the “transmission” or “battery level” icons?
    B3-03   If I program the far left hard button, how do I access “Tools”?
    B3-04   Why can’t I link directly to a device, like I could with the Pronto?
    B3-05   How do hard button commands change, per device or per page?
    B3-06   Why does my custom “Setup Page” button disappear when I push another button?
    B3-07   How can I design my CCF so when I make changes I don’t need to relearn my remotes?
    B3-08   Can I add more fonts to the Pronto NG?
    B3-09   Can I password protect pages?

    Working with Bitmaps
    B4-01   Where would I use bitmap files?
    B4-02   How can I create my own bitmaps?
    B4-03   How do I save a bitmap to disk?
    B4-04   Can I set a transparency color other than a shade of grey?
    B4-05   Why do my graphics have horizontal lines through them?
    B4-06   Should I use the gallery?

    Working with IR Codes
    B5-01   How can I tell whether my learned codes are “clean” or not?
    B5-02   Why won’t my codes repeat when held down?
    B5-03   What does 0000, 8000, etc. mean in a hex code?
    B5-04   What are discrete codes?
    B5-05   How do I find or create discrete codes?
    B5-06   How do I use a discrete code?
    B5-07   How can I directly enter RC5, RC5x or RC6 codes in ProntoEdit NG?
    B5-08   Why don’t some of my imported IR codes work?
    B5-09   Why won’t my buttons work twice in a row?
    B5-10   Why are my pasted hex codes being changed?

    Working with Macros
    B6-01   What are macros? How are they different from regular commands?
    B6-02   How can I get the Pronto NG to “hold” a button for several seconds in a macro?
    B6-03   How can I enter multiple digits on a single button, say for a favorite channel icon?
    B6-04   Why are some of my macro commands not being received?
    B6-05   What would a macro for a system on/off button look like?
    B6-06   How can I handle switching video inputs?
    B6-07   What are aliases and how are they used?


    General Items
    C1-01   Why can’t I download or communicate with my remote?
    C1-02   Why won’t just tapping the button always work?
    C1-03   Why don’t the commands I assign to “Home Properties” propagate to all devices?
    C1-04   Why are button images disappearing in my file?
    C1-05   Why can’t I set a default button in the gallery?
    C1-06   Why can’t I learn codes properly onto the cursor keys?

Recent Additions

v1.0a, November 11, 2004
Modified: A1-02, A3-01, B1-01, B2-06, B2-08

v1.0, June 15, 2004
After months of development, here is the first official version of the FAQ.

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