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Other Remotes Code Page Added
And information on the "silver Pronto"
Posted by Daniel Tonks on August 25, 1999 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
DVD review: I've just posted my look at the Collector's Editon of Universal's Patch Adams DVD starring Robin Williams.

Other remote codes: I'm starting a new feature page with links to manufacturer's web sites listing codes and other programming help for their universal remote models. It's starting off small, but as new pages are found or requested it will grow. To expand on this, I'd like to solicit everyone's opinion on posting codes for specific remotes. Many owners lose the manual or sheet of paper describing how to configure their remotes. What I suggest is that those who still have these tables could either type them in (ensuring that there are no typos) or scan them in and they could be posted on this site according to brand and model number. Tell me what you think...

I've also added a new manufacturer's web site links page with the addresses to many popular home theater-related companies.

I'm still looking for forum topic ideas - so far I've had Satellite & Cable services/technology, General Lounge, Marketplace, a ProntoEdit-specific forum and a few others. Let me know what you'd like to see!

Silver Pronto: Many readers have been asking about the "silver" colored Pronto they've seen pictures of. Well, this is the new UK version which will be released in September for approximately 250, though is expected to sell for a bit less. Why silver? Well, the current color trends in home theater equipment overseas is gold and silver - and as the Marantz RC5000 is gold, the Pronto gets to be silver. It's expected some US dealers will import the silver Pronto for sale in the US, merely because it is different. Philips may even decide to sell it legitimately here.

Personally, I think one of the easiest things Philips could do to boost sales - even multiple sales to a single household - would be to manufacture the Pronto in half a dozen interesting colors. You could have the mysterious blue/green/black shade of the current Pronto, plus silver, true black, blue, red, green and maybe even a few translucent colors. Hey, it worked for Apple.

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