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Home Theater Master SL-9000 Review
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SL-9000 Features:
  • Controls up to 8 components: Buttons are pre-labeled for Audio, CD, DVD, Auxiliary, Satellite, TV, VCR and Cable. You can change the LCD to display one of 24 labels, including TV, VCR, Cable, Sat, Audio, CD, DVD, Aux, TV2, VCR2, Tuner, Amp, Tape1, Tape2, WebTV, Surr, DAT, Proje, Aux2, LD, Aud2, Light, DSS and AV.

  • 10 macro buttons: 5 buttons can be used twice each, once for the top row of devices and once for the bottom row of devices. Each macro can hold up to 15 commands selected from any device. Note that each time you press a device button that counts as a command and inserts a half second delay. Macro keys include the POWER button in Audio or Satellite mode and M1 to M4.

  • LCD screen: Displays the currently selected component and assists in programming the remote.

  • Automatic Audio Mode: When you press a device button twice the SL-9000 switches to Automatic Audio Mode, where the volume, mute plus 14 buttons along the button reflect whatever is programmed on the Audio device. This allows you to adjust secondary volume levels and more while still maintaining control of that component's primary functions.

  • "Punch Through" buttons from another device: You can program the SL-9000 so that the volume, channel or transport controls can be permanently "punched through" from one device to any number of other devices.

  • Device buttons can have a signal assigned to them. When you press a device button twice (changing to Automatic Audio Mode) the SL-9000 can send out any learned signal you wish, such as power or input selection.

  • 55 buttons: 42 of them can be pre-programmed or taught any function. 8 are used for device selection, an additional 4 are dedicated to macros while 1 is used to turn on the backlight.

  • Codes for a wide variety of components are built in. For instance, you simply tell it that the TV function is set to code 085 (Sony) and all relevant buttons are set to Sony. A complete list of brands is included below. A search mode is included to "hunt" for device codes.

  • Blue backlit keys and yellow backlit LCD stay on (silently) for 7 seconds when you press the LIGHT button. Each press of a button extends the timer by 7 seconds.

  • Memory backup for remote configuration lasts for 10 years with dead batteries installed and 1 year with no batteries. When the batteries are low the display reads "L_BAT".

  • Relabel buttons with stickers: The SL-9000 ships with over 420 tiny stickers that you can use to relabel keys to match their actual programmed functions.

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