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Jensen SC-595 Remote Control Review
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Jensen SC-595 Features:
  • Controls up to 10 components: VCR, TV, Satellite, Receiver, Cable, DVD, Web TV, CD, plus two auxiliaries which can be assigned any of the above.

  • Radio Frequency (RF): Allows use of the remote through walls and up to 100 feet away from the transponder. Additional transponders can be added for control of equipment in multiple rooms.

  • Preprogrammed codes: The SC-595 includes over 130 TV brands, 100 VCR brands, 60 cable box brands, 40 satellite brands, 60 receiver brands, 70 CD player brands, 14 DVD player brands and 3 WebTV brands.

  • 5 Component buttons: Backlit, these 5 buttons in tandom with the "Action" key control all 10 built-in devices.

  • "Punch Through" transport buttons: VCR transport controls are accessable while in TV, Satellite, Cable or Receiver modes.

  • "Punch Through" audio buttons: The remote can be configured for receiver volume controls to be available from all of the 10 components.

  • Multiple device power control: Can turn on or off 5 devices with one button press.

  • 42 buttons: 36 component keys, 5 component selection buttons and an "Action" key which switches component keys to other functions.

  • Sleep Timer: Automatically shuts off the TV after a user definable time from 1 to 99 minutes.

  • "Memory Lock" saves programmed codes for 25 minutes after the batteries are removed from the remote.

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