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URC Introduces Gyroscopic Total Control System
Two new remotes and a back-end controller offer uMotion control over an on-screen interface.
Posted by Daniel Tonks on September 12, 2012 at 12:37 PM
RC News Story
At CEDIA 2012, URC revealed a brand new gyroscopic-based addition to their network-enabled Total Control lineup. The minimalist TRG-100 and advanced TRG-200 handheld remote controls feature sleek, ergonomic designs, and mesh with the MRX-20 Advanced Network System Controller – offering a point-and-click-style motion-based control over a snazzy graphical on-screen interface that URC have dubbed “uMotion”.

Pricing and availability have not yet been disclosed. Both original URC press releases are provided below.

URC Introduces Its First Gyroscopic Remote Controls

TRG-100 and TRG-200 provide control of URC’s new onscreen TV GUI and Total Control® whole-house systems.

Indianapolis – CEDIA EXPO 2012 – Booth 4462 – September 5-8, 2012 – URC unveiled its breakthrough interface technology, available through its new TRG-100 and TRG-200 gyroscopic remote controls. These remotes use a motion-based technology that enable users to simply move and point the TRG-100 or TRG-200 naturally to control the cursor directly on the big screen for home systems control.

The two new remotes, available exclusively for URC Total Control® whole-house systems, work with URC’s new MRX-20 Advanced Onscreen Network System Controller (see separate release). The MRX-20 delivers a new easy-to-use, onscreen interface that allows users to summon an onscreen overlay and control features for the entire house—without interrupting what they are watching on the TV.

Sleek and ergonomically designed, the TRG-100 and TRG-200 fit perfectly in hands of any size and offer a wonderful experience for daily control needs. The TRG-100 offers the fewest buttons to create a simple user experience. For clients seeking a richer experience, the TRG-200 advanced remote offers direct numeric keys and additional control features. Also with these remotes, URC offers the optional TRF-GE1 Base Station/Extender, which is a compact accessory that can extend the onboard RF capabilities of the TRG-100 and TRG-200 by up to 100 feet.

“Consumers have grown accustomed to gesture-based remote controls in the video game world,” said Doug Cole, senior vice president and general manager of URC. “Now we’re bringing that popular, proven functionality into the world of home systems control for integration with entertainment, lighting, climate and beyond. It’s our latest addition to the myriad of options available to Total Control installers and their customers, including traditional remote controls, in-wall keypads and touchscreens, and devices like the iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®.”

The TRG-100 and TRG-200, along with the MRX-20, will be part of a prominent product and technology demonstration at URC’s booth 4462 during CEDIA EXPO. Pricing and availability for the remotes will be announced at a later date.

URC Unveils MRX-20 Advanced Onscreen Network System Controller with Gyroscopic uMotion™ Remote Controls

Addition to Total Control® line enables onscreen TV GUI overlay for whole-house control.

Indianapolis – CEDIA EXPO 2012 – Booth 4462 – September 5-8, 2012 – URC is showing its category-defining MRX-20 Advanced Onscreen Network System Controller with TV GUI and gyroscopic motion control remotes to custom integration professionals this week.

The MRX-20 is a significant new addition to URC’s Total Control® line of whole-house control products. It provides all the features of URC’s MRX-10 Advanced Network System Controller, with the addition of a powerful, onscreen graphical user interface that allows consumers to summon an onscreen TV overlay and control features—without interrupting what they are watching.

The MRX-20’s GUI offers an innovative onscreen display that enables control of entertainment, lighting, security, climate and more. For example, users with an MRX-20 can choose music from various sources, turn the house lights on or off, or change temperature directly from the TV. And they can do so without switching to a menu screen that replaces the TV picture. Advanced overlay controls include favorite channels and more, all of which can be easily adjusted via this one-of-a-kind solution.

Handheld control of the onscreen menus enabled by the MRX-20 is provided by URC’s two new groundbreaking MRX-20 gyroscopic motion control remotes, the TRG-100 and TRG-200 (see separate release). Both the TRG-100 and TRG-200 offer URC’s new uMotion™ technology, a motion-based control that enables users to move and point the remote and control the cursor directly on the big screen. Sleek and ergonomically designed, these remotes fit perfectly in hands of any size. The TRG-100 offers minimized buttons to create the simplest user experience. For clients seeking a richer experience, the TRG-200 advanced remote provides direct numeric keys and sophisticated control features.

A comprehensive solution, the MRX-20 introduces a whole new way to watch TV and control the home system. It stores and issues commands and macros for IP, IR, RS-232, relay and sensor controlled devices. With 10 IR ports, four RS-232 ports, four relay ports, four sensor ports, two 12-volt outputs, three HDMI inputs, and one HDMI output, this network controller offers all of the connectivity an ESC could need. Multiple MRX-20s can be linked together to expand the system to meet clients’ needs.

As with URC’s MRX-10, the MRX-20 will provide offsite programming capability via the internet, making this a standout solution for whole-house setup and control. The MRX-10 remains a key part of Total Control’s lineup and for customers who want onscreen home control with HDMI switching, this is the solution!

The MRX-20, TRG-100 and TRG-200 will be part of a prominent product and technology demonstration at URC’s booth 4462 during CEDIA EXPO. Pricing and availability will be announced at a later date.

For more about Total Control and other URC products, visit our URC Forum!

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