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Spring Forth with 8 New Remotes
The latest products from Universal Remote Control, Intrigue and Sony
Posted by Daniel Tonks on April 30, 2004 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
More than just flowers are blooming this spring – namely eight brand new remote controls, which have just started shipping!

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect to see:

Universal Remote Control Inc.
Universal Remote Control Inc.’s new trio of consumer remote controls are being marketed independantly from their professional-grade Home Theater Master line, but feature the same great features that you’ve come to expect from a remote with the URC name. All three models include 5-way cursor buttons, bright backlighting, dedicated menu, transport and keypad controls, features URC’s special GemStone glossy key finish, and can be used with the optional $75 MRF-100A RF extender. You even get a quick setup DVD!


URC-100 “Unifier”
The $100 URC-100 could be considered a replacement for the venerable Home Theater Master SL-9000. It can control 8 devices and has a small 5-character LCD that indicates the active device. Features include 24 macros with 50 steps each, up to 424 learned commands and punchthroughs. Great for hard button fans!

URC-200 “Automater”
The $150 URC-200 could almost be considered a “light” version of the Home Theater Master MX-500. With control of 10 devices, the remote features a larger LCD screen with custom 5-character command labels for 5 corresponding hard buttons. Features include 432 macros with 190 steps each, up to 720 learned codes, 40 favorite channel macros, plus punchthroughs.

URC-300 “Customizer”
The $200 URC-300 would appear to be a cross between the Home Theater Master MX-500 and MX-1000 remote controls. It’s capable of controlling up to 15 devices and comes with a large LCD touchscreen display that can display ten 5-character custom buttons at a time. Features include 647 macros with 190 steps each, up to 720 learned commands, 40 favorite channel macros, plus punchthroughs.

See more photos of the URC series.

Home Theater Master MX-3000
The $999 MX-3000 is the first color touchscreen remote from the folks over at Universal Remote Control. Hardware features include a 3.8” color LCD, 206MHz RISC processor, 16mb memory and lithium ion battery. The MX-3000 Editor computer software allows use of BMP, JPG and animated GIF images, WAV sounds in template layouts, and can even import Pronto CCF files. Other features include up to 255 devices with 255 pages each, customizable command hold times, nearly unlimited learned commands and macros, 255 custom variables and a whole lot more. The remote is also RF-capable through the optional $99 MRF-250 RF extender.

Read more about the MX-3000 here and here.

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Harmony H688
Harmony H688
Intrigue Technologies
Intrigue Technologies’ latest remote, the $249 Harmony H688, has officially started shipping. Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand, the H688 is temporarily sold out at most retailers.

Harmony H688
Like other current Harmony models, the H688 is an activity-based remote offering easy internet-based setup, USB plug ’n’ play and bright backlighting. Designed especially for DVR users, the H688 offers a wealth of hard buttons arranged in a completely unique manner (and I note that they have been better organized since the prototype model seen at CES).

As a side note, all Harmony models have been renamed, dropping the “SST-” and adding “H” – so for example, the SST-659 is now known as the H659.

See more photos of the Harmony H688.

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Although Sony has been quiet in the universal remote control department for some time now, they’ve more than made up for that with three new high-end remote controls.

Sony RM-AV2500
The brand new $149 RM-AV2500 is a 12-device remote control with a large LCD touchscreen display. The RM-AV2500 features blue LCD backlighting, 24 macros with 32 steps each, favorite channel macros, full code learning, key aliasing, plus 5-way menu controls.

The $199 RM-AV3100 is an update of the popular RM-AV3000 remote control. In addition to correcting some bugs in the original model, the RM-AV3100 adds several new features including “micro macros”, updated preprogrammed code database, key aliasing, an accidental key press preventer, and more.

Sony RM-NX7000 Navitus
RM-NX7000 Navitus
Also joining the color touchscreen fray is Sony’s new $799 RM-NX7000 Navitus remote control. The Linux-based RM-NX7000 sports a 200MHz processor, 32mb memory, 3.5” color “force feedback” touchscreen display, Memory Stick slot, USB interface and rechargeable battery. Programming features include a customizable display, macros, code learning, key aliasing, timers, TV/DVD/CD media lists, and more – plus the PC editing software, Navitus Design.

Read more about the RM-AV2500 & RM-AV3100 and the Navitus.

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