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Loads of Pronto/RC5000 Files
Posted by Daniel Tonks on February 20, 2001 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
While configuring the new server and writing my CES 2001 report, quite a backlog of CCF files for the Pronto/RC5000 file area managed to develop. Over the past two days I was finally able to catch up on all recent submissions, which included - in part - 20 brand new system CCF files! But as it's been quite a while since our last "file roundup", here's everything that's been uploaded during 2001 so far.

For complete system CCFs, additions include files created by:

André Ramos
Andrea Whitlock
Andreas Haag
Andreas Pfister
Andrew Moore
Arthur Snelling
Bill Peters
Bryan Jones
Burkhard Germer
Declan Kennedy
Derek Taubert
Dirk Dahr
Emilio Romero
Eric Walter
Frank Mastrandrea
Frédéric Moreau
Gary Wiener
Graeme Turner
Graham Wright
Greg Steele
Guy Kuo
Guy Tanner
Jason Frear
Jason Hillman
Jeremy Santos
Jim Kenefick
Jim Knotz
Jimmy Sledge
Jose Blanco
Keith Norris
Ken Taraszka
Kevin Sills
Matthew Kennedy
Michael Bramhoff
Michael Railing
Mike Conner
Mike Leckey
Mike Woodhall
Oliver Fontaine
Patrick Fischer
Patrick Gamet
Patrick Mathieu
Paul Cowan
Paul Kamphorst
Peter A
Raj Patel
Randall Hammill
Raymond Dichy
Richard Griggs
Scott Grimes
Scott Triola
Terry Miller
Tony Adams
Tony Golden
Yann Gourrier

A number of single component CCF files were also submitted. These include configurations specifically for the following devices:

  • Arcam DV88 DVD player (Mark Spurgeon)
  • Barco 808 projector (Doug Blair)
  • Dreamvision DL500 projector & Sagem TPS DSS receiver (David Savitteri)
  • Fujitsu PDS-4214 plasma television (Stephen R D'Angelo)
  • General Instruments DCT-2244 digital cable box (Jonathan Pratt)
  • All Loewe US televisions (Stanley Brown)
  • Micronik 1200S DSS receiver (Christian Baumann)
  • Mitsubishi HD400 DSS receiver (Jeff Bennett)
  • NAD T550 DVD player & HFV2220 VCR (Thomas Christensen)
  • NEC GP-3000/5000 & XG-series projectors & BTC 5113 IR computer keyboard (Romano Consul)
  • Philips DVD825AT DVD player (Mitch Engleman)
  • All Philips TiVo models (Dan Haddix)
  • Pioneer XC-L7 receiver (Allan Greve)
  • Seleco SLC-700 projector (Ross Gamblen)
  • Sony STR-555ES receiver (Kabster)
  • Sony KV-36XBR400 television (Al Upshall)
  • Sunfire Theater Grand II preamplifier (Todd Snodgrass)
  • Toshiba SD4901XU 6-disc DVD carousel (Craig Fennessy)
  • Makita drapery controller & Toshiba W808 VCR (Richard Cabot)
  • Voyetra Audiotron Network Music Player (Scott Ramsdell)
  • Yamaha CDV-W901 LD player (Jason Andersen)
  • Zenith IQB50M90W television (Darryl Kipps)
Other recent uploads include:
  • A new gallery file of buttons and icons from Mark Shiffer
  • New 2001 calendars from Aaron Hughart, Andrea Whitlock, Cary Gerber and Todd Brady
  • A flexible menu tab system from Larry Boyers
  • A Windows-style "Start Menu" design from Charles Lentz
  • Updated DSS television & music logos from Andrea Whitlock
  • A huge collection of UK/European Sky Digital television logos from Tony Weston
  • Updated versions of Olivier Couvreur's CCF Compiler/Decompiler and CCF Dumper Pronto utilities.
As always, keep those file uploads coming!
[Talk about the Philips Pronto & Marantz RC5000...]

MX-1000 files too!
Owners of the Home Theater Master MX-1000 remote control will be pleased to hear that system MDL designs are now available from Abdul Jalib and Dan Schwartz, not to mention my own layout with 100% custom buttons. If you're looking to start a design from scratch, Abdul Jalib also uploaded a blank .MDL file which will help speed things up.

If you've finished or are close to finishing your MX-1000 design, you'll really want to run it through Jason Hoomani's great MDL Repair Utility, which will correct any invalid or "duplicate ID" buttons in your file. Finally, Jeff Cooper's invaluable Button Converter has been updated to version 1.4. Keep those files coming!
[Talk about the Home Theater Master MX-1000...]

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