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New Sony Universal Remote Control Technical Support Forum
Plus forum search improvements, Pronto.ini Workshop update and our MX-500 Planner
Posted by Daniel Tonks on June 11, 2001 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
If you own a Sony Universal Remote Control and have any questions or problems with the setup or operation of your remote, then you'll want to check out our brand new, semi-official technical support forum. We will now be able to help with instructions, codes and workarounds, or provide tips and other information on just how to get the most out of your Sony Universal Remote Control. Since this new forum is strictly for technical support issues, our existing Sony forum remains for general remote control discussion and help with other Sony remotes, such as those that come with original equipment. Check out the new forum by clicking here!

The tortoise just found a shortcut!
Although the forum search program might be considered as slow as a tortoise simply due to the massive amounts of data it needs to hunt through, I've finished implementing an improvement that should make the whole process complete quicker if you only need to search back a short time. Especially useful with the Pronto forum or when you're searching the entire database, using the "past month", "past three months", "past six months" or "past year" option will now take much less time than it did previously.

Instead of sifting through all messages regardless of their age, the program now calculates exactly how many messages there are to be searched and will ignore any that are out of range. The "percentage complete" bar will also take this into account. Although this does not change the speed at which the entire message base is searched, I do hope it will help make the whole searching process more useful. This has been implemented on all forums.

In other forum news, I'm going through final testing of the new account-based forum system and would appreciate it if you could continue to sign up and post "whatever" try doing everything you can with it. The test forum can by found by clicking here.

Pronto.ini Workshop upgraded for those without the .ini...
Today I'm pleased to announce a new version of my Pronto.ini Workshop utility. Upgraded to v1.10, the program now supports both the ProntoEdit/RC5000 Setup "pronto.ini" file, as well as the new Yamaha RAVedit Windows registry method for those who have the new RAV-2000 remote. On both versions you can add extra font sizes, enable developer mode and change memory sizes for use with different remotes, or the creation of a really large gallery mode. It also auto-detects whether you're using a pronto.ini file, the registry, or both. Download the new version from the Pronto Utilities page.

Learn more about the RAV-2000:
Visit the forum: talk with others.
File archive: nifty downloads.
FAQ: answers to your questions.
RAVedit released: news update.
Free RAV-2000: news update.
RAV-2000 press release: news update.

Planning makes perfect...
Do you have or are you looking to buy a Home Theater Master MX-500 remote control? Then you'll want to check out our new MX-500 Planner! This Excel 2000 spreadsheet provides a simple way to plan button placement and LCD label names for all 10 devices, 50 favorite channel macros, plus map out your device and system macros. The file comes with all default LCD labels entered, so if you'd just like to see what the MX-500 has to start with, this can help. Download the new file from the bottom of our MX-500 FAQ page by clicking here.

Learn more about the MX-500:
Visit the forum: talk with others.
Our review: read all about it.

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