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File Area Updates
Posted by Daniel Tonks on May 27, 2002 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
The response to our recent file area improvement was unequivocal: "More!" With that thought in mind, you'll find a number of new surprises lurking on the site today.

First, all file areas have been converted to the new format! This means that the entire Home Theater Master MX-1000, RTI TheaterTouch T2 and Philips ProntoNEO file archives are now interactive and can be searched, sorted and otherwise massaged to help you locate the exact file you're looking for. Check them out now:

Home Theater Master MX-1000
RTI TheaterTouch T2
Philips ProntoNEO/Marantz RC3200

MX-700 Second, I'm pleased to introduce a brand new file area for the Home Theater Master MX-700 remote control. This all-buttoned remote includes a serial port and full PC editing software - and we support sharing files for it! Although the remote is just out on the market (read: the file area is pretty empty), you can download a full version of MX Editor and check it out, or the MX-700 manuals. If you've already managed to snag a MX-700, be sure to send in your files and help the new section grow!

Check out the new MX-700 section here!

Finally, a keystone has been added to the Philips Pronto file archive: discrete codes. Our previous "written in stone" discrete section has been fully automated and incorporated along with all other Pronto files (which also apply to the Pronto Pro, the Marantz RC5000, RC5200 and RC9200, the Onkyo CHAD and the Yamaha RAV-2000.

It turns out there's more discrete codes there than I had thought, but I still notice a lot of gaping holes. So I'd like to invite everyone who is using or has access to discrete codes to check out what you have and what are already posted on Remote Central, and upload any new ones! I'd like to make this the best discrete code database possible.

Check out the new Pronto file area here!

Files The new file area program has had a number of bugs fixed and new features added. I've tried to make it easy to browse through and find specific files, but I'm always interested in your suggestions or comments.

All remote control sections have been permanently switched over to the new database format, except for one: the Pronto. Since it's the largest, I'm maintaining the Pronto's "old files" for a little while longer while the new program is thoroughly tested (Bugs? Email them here). You can access the old archive here, but note that new files will only be posted in the new area.

For those interested, the new file area took 114,000 characters of programming... which, next to the message forum system (which was slowly developed over years instead of weeks), is the biggest project I've taken on. Also of note, the file area databases, which just contain file names and descriptions, contain over 1,460,000 characters, much of that created manually in the past few weeks. Needless to say, my previously matte finished keyboard is now high-gloss!

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