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Evolve Guide Remote RD5000M Reviewed
New remote features built-in TV guide
Posted by Daniel Tonks on June 25, 2002 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
Evolve Guide Remote RD5000M How about a electronic program guide in the palm of your hand? That's exactly what Evolve's Guide Remote RD5000M promises. Their innovative remote downloads free TV listings over the Internet and displays them on its built-in dot-matrix LCD screen. The RD5000M does much more, such as controlling up to 16 devices and supporting 32 macros with 100 steps each, but Evolve also promises to enhance your television viewing experience with their "Second Screen" of content-related material, plus "Interactivity Keys" with links to information, shopping, contests and coupons.

But how does all this work? Are the program listings really useful? Is the Guide Remote more "guide" than "remote" when it comes to controlling the rest of your system? Today I'm very pleased to present a complete review of the Guide Remote which will answer these questions and more - and, naturally, the review is packed with photographs and screenshots.

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Nevo Nevo from UEI adds remote capabilities to PDAs.
Universal Electronics, makers of the popular One For All and Radio Shack line of remote controls, has joined the "remote on a PDA" party with their recent announcement of the "Nevo" - which is short for "Next Evolution". Put simply, Nevo consists of a hardware chip and software developed by UEI that, when added to a device, turns it into a full-featured, fully customizable remote control (this is a concept similar to Nuon, which is enhancement technology added to various DVD players). Currently Nevo runs only on the PocketPC platform, but UEI is advertising that the Nevo could be added to almost any display device once ported.

Features include a slick animated color interface with multi-user support, nearly unlimited devices, one-touch automation macros, channel icon shortcuts, plus - and this will be great for advanced users and custom installers - an application SDK/API. Although no specific devices are yet available with Nevo built-in (the first ones are expected to be announced shortly, with availability in July), rumors have it that the running price for a Nevo remote-on-a-PDA - sans typical PDA functions - will run about $400. However, Universal is also working on a Palm version of their software which may lower costs.

Nevo Turning handheld PCs into remote controls isn't news in itself - several of the most recent PDA releases from Sony offer remote capabilities combined with stronger-than-average infrared transmission. Palm users have been able to choose from multiple software remote offerings for years now. However, the Nevo appears to be the most sophisticated and "big budget" offering yet and could very well be the next big thing.

UEI's press release is included below for reference.

Universal Electronics Unveils Nevo: A Platform For the Connected Home and Office
Designed for OEM Manufacturers of Display Devices, Nevo Enables End Users to Connect, Control and Interact With 20 Categories of Home and Office Devices

CYPRESS, Calif. — June 18, 2002 — Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) (Nasdaq: UEIC) today announced a new evolution in home automation and control with the launch of Nevo™, an embedded solution that transforms any electronic display device into a sophisticated, easy-to-use wireless home control and automation platform.

“For 15 years UEI has been committed to providing our customers with technology that extends and enhances their control over the increasingly complex home electronics environment,” said Paul Arling, chairman and CEO of UEI. “Now with Nevo, we are bridging the gap between computing and consumer electronics technologies by transferring the power of wireless control technology to PDAs, Web pads and other handheld devices, providing consumers with a graphical means of controlling and integrating devices and content in the home.”

Nevo-enabled devices allow users to easily control and interact with any consumer electronic appliance in the home or office using an intuitive graphical user interface. Nevo’s engaging wheel-based navigation™ brings simplicity to complex home-electronics configurations and puts ubiquitous consumer electronics control into the hands of users.

“As home networking evolves beyond the home office to incorporate entertainment and mobile environments, finding a centralized way to interact with and control connected devices is becoming increasingly complex for consumers,” said Dominic Ainscough, analyst for the Yankee Group. “As a market leader in the development of control technologies, UEI is well-positioned to address these usability concerns with a solution such as Nevo.”

Nevo’s robust product features include the following:

A dynamic user interface supports thousands of brands across 20 home entertainment and home automation device categories. Multiuser, multiroom and multilanguage support allows users to customize the interface to suit their configuration at home, the office and anywhere in between. Setup wizards walk users step by step to quickly configure Nevo for easy and intuitive interoperability of their consumer electronic devices. UEI’s patented favorites feature provides convenient One-Click™ access to favorite TV channels, radio stations or other activities, such as “watch DVD.” UEI’s world-class database of more than 110,000 control codes for a superior, out-of-the-box experience. Backed by 14 issued and additional pending patents focused on home automation and control of the connected home. Fully upgradeable and extensible, Nevo allows users to synchronize with their PC and download new device control codes, additional graphic icons, advanced keys and software updates from for complete personalization of the interface.

More information can be found at and

Learn more about the Nevo:
Visit the forum: talk with others.
Nevo info: details & demonstrations.
UEI's site: about the company.

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