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Proton iRemote iR800 Remote Control Review
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Proton iRemote iR800 Features:

LCD touchscreen: The iR800s 3.1 diagonal 2-color LCD screen features 15 touch-sensitive squares plus a 9-character by 2-line dot matrix display. The screen indicates the current device name, page number, battery level and other information.

Full backlighting: The iR800 uses super-bright blue LEDs to backlight both the LCD display and all hard buttons.

Controls up to 16 devices: The iR800s five device keys can each store a configurable number of devices, totalling up to 16 complete devices. Devices can also have custom 9-character names. The five device bank names are TV, DVD, AMP, STB and AUX.

46 commands per device: Each of the 16 devices can have up to 18 hard buttons, plus 2 pages of LCD-based buttons with 14 functions on each page. Hard buttons include a 10-digit keypad and a group of buttons that can be configured to menu, transport or volume/channel purposes.

Preprogrammed database: The iR800 includes a preset database of device codes covering televisions, VCRs, cable boxes, DVD players, CD players, satellite receivers, audio receivers and tuners.

Full code learning: Almost every button on the iR800 can hold a code captured from your existing remote controls. The learning frequency range covers 10kHz to 150kHz, plus 455kHz for B&O. A learned command may also be assigned to a device so that it is transmitted whenever that device is selected.

Customizable labels: The iR800s LCD screen features 14 in-device buttons, each of which contains from 3 to 4 preset labels. Labels may be customized at any time, and unused keys can be removed from view. Available labels include menu controls, PIP, audio inputs, sound modes and more.

Unlimited macros: Any in-device button on the iR800 can contain a macro with up to 60 steps. Macros may contain customizable delays, from 0.5 seconds to 15 seconds. Device changes and delays do not count towards the 60 step limit.

Timers: The iR800 includes 8 built-in timers which may be configured to run up to a year in advance. Timers point to a single macro and can run daily, weekdays, weekdays plus Saturday, on a certain day-of-week or on a specific date.

Auto power off: The iRemote can be configured to turn of the backlight after 5 through 60 seconds of inactivity, or the backlight may be disabled. The LCD screen can turn off from 2 through 90 minutes of inactivity.

Easy programming: The iR800 uses the LCD screen effectively with nested menus for ease-of-configuration. In addition, the remote automatically steps through learning all buttons in a device.

PC connection: Although no software or USB cable ships with the iR800, the remote is capable of interfacing with the RemoteComm software package to upgrade firmware, or backup and edit configurations. Via a special cable iRemotes can also connect directly to each other for duplication.

Clock & date: The iR800 always displays the current time on-screen, and can also display the day-of-week, month and year.

Low battery warning: An on-screen battery level displays the current remaining battery power and indicates when batteries are low. Configurations are not lost when the remote is left without power.

Confirmation beep: A confirmation beep on all button presses can be disabled if desired.

Bundled display stand: Each iR800 includes a stylish display stand made out of metal and plastic.

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