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HDTV "expert" needed
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Post 1 made on Tuesday September 21, 1999 at 17:15
eric bee
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Ok here's the situation...
I am buying one of the new hdtv pioneer elite RPTV's that are being released shortly. They require the use of an outboard converter box to recieve HDTV signals. I would like to know that if my DSS reciever is HDTV compatible, in the near future, will I still need the converter box to view HDTV or will the DSS have some sort of a decoder of its own that will eliminate the need to purchase a seperate decoder.
Next question.. If I do not buy a HDTV DSS reciever and do buy an HDTV decoder, when DSS transmits HDTV over the airwaves, will my HDTV decoder allow me to view the full resolution of those bradcasts?
Lastly, if I do buy an HDTV decoder, is the only way to view what is being currently broadcast in HDTV with "rabbit ears" or is there some other way?
OP | Post 2 made on Wednesday September 22, 1999 at 15:14
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First, I do Not profess to be an expert, but have a lot of friends who are close to the sources. From several different "camps", the word is it's still too early to tell what will be compatible with what. Rumors are the DSS (Direct TV) will use a separate box and that can be put into the RGB inputs of the HD700. Problem with all these simplified solutions is that there are vast differences on HD sets in the way they sync up, display, and input the signals. The Pioneer uses a plug in card for HD conversion. Right now expensive. Suggestion: buy the satellite of your choice, I would recommend the Sony or RCA with 5.1 audio, Definetly buy the HD700, and wait for the rest. Many of my friends in the "High-End" business that don't want to spend the Large$ for projectors, have this very model in their home, even if they don't sell it. If I had the space, I would too.
Viewing: Rabbit ears can work well, IF you are in the right location. Read my explanation in one of the other threads here about "Watching TV Downtown..." There was a satellite company that was supposed to broadcast only HDTV from stations all over the US, but haven't seen it, they were advertising in the Home Theater.... This theoreticaly would give you another source through your video inputs with out the decoder.
Sorry to be vague, but that's what is really going on. But hey, a good DVD player on the HD700 looks great, and better than the regular Elite. As I mentioned in another thread, with a doubler, awesome. This I have installed and can confirm! The price is still usually below a projector system and can be watched in "normal" room light with out dedicating a room just for that.
Let us know what you get and how it works. If you want more help on antennas, e-mail me with specifics and I'll see what we can come up with.
OP | Post 3 made on Wednesday September 22, 1999 at 15:37
Chris T.
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I'm not an expert either but you do need a new HDTV DSS receiver with elliptical dish to receive HDTV broadcast. This receiver will work with the analog tv or with HDTV set. I believe Hughes has a system called DSS II now that is for sale for this very purpose. It has an 24" elliptical dish, but I do not know if the receiver is HDTV ready. For more info, follow this link
OP | Post 4 made on Thursday September 23, 1999 at 02:03
Jim Lazarenko
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Eric, before you buy the Pioneer, see if you can find the SONY KWP65HD1 65" Rear projection unit. It can be difficult to find in a lot of areas with many dealers having up to a two month waiting list for it. Not only is it full HDTV, but it also has Sony's DRC circuit which doubles the pixels both horizontally and vertically of any regular component or S video signal you give it. In theory this means that your DVD is now outputing 960 lines, and most people watching just the regular signal mistake it for a true HDTV signal

To throw a wrench into the whole HDTV system, I haven't any firm press releases on the Digital copyright issues. HDTV provides for a digital copyright...if the satellite companies (per say) decide to enable it, it means that you won't get a full 1080I HDTV signal sent to your television unless you have a firewire connection on it. With analog hookups such as component, you would get a maximum of 480 lines. None of the companies that I am aware of have the firewire connections built in until next years line is released.

Sets that pick up a terrestrial HDTV signal or have the HDTV DSS decoders built in are not affected, as they receiver the digital signal first hand and have a permanent conection to the tube, it will only affect units where the HDTV is passed along through an output to another input.

The digital copyright is to prevent people from hooking up equipment between the source and the output device to pirate high resolution signals, and it basically works the same way as digital copyright on a Minidisc works (it shuts down if you try to make a true digital copy). However in this case, a signal would still come through, just at 480 lines rather than 1080 lines.

OP | Post 5 made on Thursday September 23, 1999 at 09:18
Kenny West
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I just ordered a Mitsu WS-55905 (wanted the larter one but not enough room...). The dealer says it will be here in about 3 weeks and that the combo HDTV/DSS decoders are expected in mid October to mid November. I went ahead and placed an order since they said if I did could get one for approx. $1,000 which seems pretty decent. Now if Sony would only get their digital VCR out so I can then record in DD!
OP | Post 6 made on Sunday September 26, 1999 at 03:46
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I have a Mitsu 65903 and talked with Mitsu directly. The latest on the combo is December. Oh well.
OP | Post 7 made on Tuesday September 28, 1999 at 14:36
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Well, just had a service call at the local HDTV dealer, he confirmed that Mits and RCA will have a DSS/HDTV combo box that will work with any set as long as it's HDTV compatible (high freq horiz scan) and has RGB component inputs. Supposedly they're under $1000, available in our area (northwest) in a few weeks to few months. Don't know if they have VHF/UHF tuners built in or not (so you don't have to switch back and forth between inputs and decoder). One of the downers is if you have the early HDTV sets by Mitsu with no RGB inputs, (just a DB15 connector), you'll have to use their decoder box, but it is scheduled to have a new one for under 1K, but it's not going to have a DSS built in. Sounds idiotic, I know, but I gave up trying to figure out the why of the industry years ago. And don't be surprised if this changes in the next 4 nanoseconds...
Again, a little purchasing patience will pay dividends in many ways.
OP | Post 8 made on Tuesday September 28, 1999 at 17:22
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Newbie question to DanKurts: I have the VS70803. Is it one of the early models of which you speak? Do I have RGB inputs?
OP | Post 9 made on Thursday September 30, 1999 at 15:16
Historic Forum Post
Just look on the back of your set for 3 BNC or RCA style connectors grouped together, labeled Component and/or have the letters/names R G B or some form thereof. Sorry I can't be more exact, the dealer doesn't have any of your particular model. I just remember seeing only a DB15 style connector on the early Mitsu HDTV's, with the RGB connectors on the decoder box, which isn't going to do you any good, obviuosly. I would bet if you could get a break out of the pins, though, that a cord/adapter could be made. Check with a servicer that has access to the schematics. As long as the specs match, and it's not looking for some special lead or signal from the decoder, you might still be able to get it to work. And I still find it hard to believe that they won't have some backward compatibility with your set and the new DSS/Decoder. Wait and see when the real-deal gets here.
OP | Post 10 made on Friday October 1, 1999 at 09:31
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the first generation mits sets have rgbhc,component, and a d15 connector, this conector is a comm which ties-inthe ir,data.etc. with the converter box. it self has no video only on the rgbhv
OP | Post 11 made on Tuesday October 5, 1999 at 13:33
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Eric, is the tv you are interested in the Pro-700, which is not exactly "new" or the yet to be released Pro 510 or 610? The 700 was intended for use with an internal HDTv tuner card. It also has a pair of "muti-scan" component video inputs. These are not the same thing as RGB. There is some confusion here as to the distinction. This is complicated by the popular use of red, green, and blue connectors on component inputs, which are better known as Y, Pb, Pr. The first consumer HDTV sat receiver is expected to be the RCA DTC100 (ok so its the really the 3rd following the Unity Motion disaster and the 4DTV unit). This receiver does not have component outputs. It does have an RGB output, located on a HD15 connector at the back of the unit. A RGB to YPbPr convertor would be required to connect these two products, Extron makes one. The new Pro 610 and Pro 510 have a "sub 15" input in addition to the component inputs available on th Pro 700. It is my guess that this will be a RGB compatible input, although it might have some other use.
OP | Post 12 made on Wednesday October 13, 1999 at 00:43
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I have two Sony 65 HD1 HDTV's available for immediate delivery.. This is the best HDTV on the market... Please email me for prices and delivery info.... Sets are in NJ !!!

OP | Post 13 made on Tuesday October 19, 1999 at 23:19
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Info on the Pro 610 is atarting to trickle in. There is indeed a hd15 connector on the back of the set for vga style rgb connections. The synch compatablity of the rca to the pioneer is still questionable. I have been told that the pioneer will only synch up to a 480p or 1080i signal via this input (still speculation). The dtc100 is supposed to be putting out 540p. BTW, Extron does not make a rgb->y pb pr convertor, they make the reverse. I have been told that RGB Spectrum builds such a product but have not been able to cofirm. I will follow this up when the tv arrives of there is interest. jcmitch
OP | Post 14 made on Saturday October 30, 1999 at 07:01
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First let me say that component video inputs are labeled Y-Pr-Pb and are in no way Red, Green, and Blue. Red Green and Blue are RGB and completely unrelated to component video inputs.

I am waiting for a Set top decoder box that has component outputs that it at a descent price. I was just gave the bad news that my TV (Hitachi 53SDX89B) will not accept a 720p signal. It has to be downconverted at the Set top box to 480p. The TV will accept at 1080i signal though.

It would also be nice to find a Set top box that has a set or two of component inputs so that I can hook up DVD without needing some type of switching.

My guess would be that the best bet would be to just wait and see what hits the market in the next few months.

OP | Post 15 made on Saturday October 30, 1999 at 22:11
John Chao
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Eric Bee,
Forget about everything else that you just read in this forum. All ya got to do is wait for the Pioneer SHD-09, the latest version of the "plug-in" unit for the PRO700. This unit will have a DSS/HDTV decoder and dish. Retail?? The same price as the SHD-07 right now.. Just wait for it...
As for all Mitsu HDTV upgradable owners.. latest release date for the DSS HD decoder box is Jan 2000.


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