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Post 31 made on Wednesday October 7, 2009 at 09:44
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I think it has its place and the programming may get easier if you use it more but I found it combersome and very slow in the page changes going from selection to selection. This may be due to 12,000 new users on the site playing with the new remotes, But I attempted a connection at home in the eveming as well as a connection in the office in the morning. Both times were slow with the software. I will try it again in a few days to see if it is any better.

I wish you could plug in the remote and connect to their site to load the device codes then program the remote a litte quicker by not being connected to the site, then when done, reconnect to save your remote to your account.

The remote is decent looking and comfortable to hold, some of hte buttons were cheap feeling to me, the charging base is nice but found it a tad troublesome to get the remote into unless you get it just right.

I didnt even open the REX unit, seems like a typical RF base unit less IR routing and Unit addressablity. Reminds me of the URC MRF100.

Also when programmed it adds an assist button to the device page which takes the place of the top 2 buttons on the touchscreen, in attempting to use that to see what it did, while on sat it took me to the 1st page telling me to use the buttons on the next page to get things corrected, Power was one of the options...Had TV power button, had DVD power and receiver power, then on 3nd page was sat power...why was dvd power even related to Sat activity??, there were options for Audio and picture as well, audio had you toggle thru the receiver inputs and picture gave you the input you selected in the activity my case it was component 1. Although I never pointed this remote at any equipment, I wondered how much more time I would have to spend correcting my activity sequences with timing issues or new codes, as well as deleting any unwanted codes.....???

Might try it again in a few days to see if I can spped up the programming times. Hoping it was due to the newness of the product and everyone was online slowing the servers down at UEI
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