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Post 19 made on Saturday July 4, 2009 at 12:32
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The constant pixilation , audio cutting out or temporarily black screens that you might see with digital only happens within a very narrow space of the RSL levels, above that it is all or nothing baby, lol.

and when analogue is perfect it is perfect as well. Why assume real bad analogue but perfect digital? sure sounds like a dumb example especially since digital will have the weaker signal

I am just saying , the OP has perfect view of the CN tower

we don't know what he has, I know he said it, but what does it mean, for some people "prefect view" might be several feet from the tower, for someone else you can see it if you stick your head out and look at the side, for others it could mean that it is just behind that tree. "view" and radio waves don't always behave the same way (usually they don't).

then invest 100 on a converter box + antenna combination. for 50 cad each device

I have not seen converters for 50$, most are 80$+, I also came up with the 100$ because it was a nice round number and would fit a crappy antenna & converter, the OP did not give a price range all he said was that he got a free TV, that he used to watch DL shows (probably because he did not have a TV) and that he does not watch much TV and so not willing to spend a lot of money on it. What if his limit is 50$ or 20$ or 70$. You are assuming he is willing to spend what is needed to have both,

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