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Post 18 made on Wednesday July 1, 2009 at 23:06
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I am just saying , the OP has perfect view of the CN tower , therefore instead of buying a 60$ antenna just to get perfect analog , then invest 100 on a converter box + antenna combination. for 50 cad each device almost any sat dealer will give him a deal and that is for a good CM4221. a chineese knock off is half of that and will do the trick also.

On the PS note , well I must be retarded then and obviously just pretending, lol. I am acctually interested to see any other response from any other forum member on this PS digital reception subject.

BTW If I may suggest you to watch the AZCAR training programs broadcast via satellite DVB signals almost everyday in the afternoon. It is about a Sprint/Nextel 2 Ghz BAS Relocation project (basically moving all 7 analog 18 Mhz channels at the 700 - 800 Mhz Spectrum to the new 7 Digital 12 Mhz channels at the 2 Ghz band). You will see they even lower the TX prower to the point where you loose the audio carriers on the analog (snow and no color long time ago) yet the digital is still holding a perfect audio and picture (depending on the modulation of course and the parameters like FEC this threshold will have different limits but all higher than the analog one. Mind you , they use QPSK for this new 12 channels not 8-VSB that ATSC uses but in essence lots of stuff is the same. Watching it remainds me of my days in the university but obviuosly without the high tech equipment , but anyways , I am just pretending, lol. Too bad they did not tell me that at the Canadian Consulate in Havana , almost 9 years ago!.

The constant pixilation , audio cutting out or temporarily black screens that you might see with digital only happens within a very narrow space of the RSL levels, above that it is all or nothing baby, lol.

My first set up to get HDTV in Mississauga from both countries consisted of a cheap ears rabbit , a 10 dB RCA amplifier and the built in tuner on a Samsung 30" CRT HDTV from a south facing window on the second floor. I do remember watching ABC's Grammys via 7.1 (channel 38 or something UHF) but I could not even get color on the Ch 7 VHF Buffalo's ABC affiliate, I had audio though, lol

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