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Post 16 made on Tuesday June 30, 2009 at 13:08
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Now just to clarify a few things on the Anthony reply and to avoid anyone being mislead here:

Good Analog reception means perfect conditions , in that case it does not matter if it is digital or analog , it will work great either way. Furthermore under poor reception conditions a digital signal will perform better UP TO A POINT OF COURSE where the digital receiver will "collapse" and stop working but by them, long ago you already in the analog world had a lot of either ghost or snow or or color distortion or loss of V/H synchronism or static/noisy audio or whaever.

The same applies to audio , on point number 2.

If you want to test this 2 points , try adding attenuators or splitters to a working analog and also a digital signal and you will notice that while you add them , on analog PQ and AQ decreases yet on the Digital signal everything stays the same eventhough the lower reception levels now, once again , up to a point where the Cliff Effect goes into play and the digital receiver no longer can decode successfully using error correction and you get black screen and no sound at all.

Sometimes I wonder why Eng have wasted their time and effort inventing and developing digital Modulation Schemes eh? , lol.

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