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Post 5 made on Monday October 2, 2006 at 15:57
russ fulks
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June 2003
Let me explain my setup a bit more. I have a link to a picture of my proposed remote setup (rudimentary) here:

Image Hosted by

I have a game room with 4 tvs and 4 different sources. I have a 4x4 matrix video switch so that I can watch any of the 4 sources on any of the 4 tvs. I was hoping to have a page with a picture of all 4 tvs running vertically on the left border . When a TV button is pressed it would bring up a pop-up window allowing the user to select which source he would like to view on that tv (Figure A in diagram). Once selected, the pop-up window would dissapear, the controls for that source would show up, the selected TV button would highlight, and the name of the source would appear below the TV button (Figure B).

The problem comes when I considered controlling multiple tv's. If I click on the second tv I would want a pop-up to appear allowing me to choose what source I want to watch on the second tv (Figure C). Once selected the controls for that source would show up, the second TV button would highlight, the first TV button would "un-highlight", and the selected source name would appear below the TV2 button(Figure D).

So now I would have TV1 button with source1 below it, and TV2 button highlighted with source2 below it.

Now this is where it gets tricky. If I want to go back to TV1 to control it, I would like to be able to click on TV1 and immediately be taken back to the last source I was controlling via TV1 (without the pop-up). In addition, TV1 would now be highlighted on the border and TV2 would be "un-highlighted" with it's currently playing source displayed below it (Figure E).

Is this even remotely possible with the MX-3000?

Thanks in advance,


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