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Post 1,556 made on Tuesday April 8, 2008 at 15:53
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April 2008
On April 8, 2008 at 15:13, RFMan07 said...
Thanks for sharing.

I don't think I get that many as you. Are your channels
on air all the time? I wished I knew when the networks
are actually there some HDTV air guide
out there?

That's impresssive your channel list. I guess you have
your antenna facing out the window. Any isues?

Besides the ones i commented on, i am receiving everything on that list at all times day and night, signal level fluctuates a tad depending on time of day and weather though. I actually have the antennna sitting right next to the TV and pointing directly at the living room wall, the signal must pass through the outside concrete apartment wall as well as my bedroom and living room dry wall before it reaches the antenna, despite this, receptions is still great, i did forget to mention in my original post that i'm using a radio shack signal amplifier that does make a noticeable increase when connected.

I think it has allot to do with the fact that i'm so high up on the 32nd floor with no other buildings in the way that i can get away with such an inneficient setup, i'm sure there would be more i could pick up if i actually had an antenna pointing out the window. This is still something i'm going to try, i've already built the DIY 4 bay antenna which is essentially a poor man's copy of the Channel Master 4221. I'm going to test it some time this week when i get some time, i'm sure there are a couple more that i can pull in with that setup, but maybe i'm just being greedy. Either way i'll post on any progress i've made, thanks a bunch for the update RFMan07!

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