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Post 6 made on Tuesday March 29, 2022 at 15:03
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Yet Another Update.
I think the heavy lifting is done.
IMO. FireTV Cube is an excellent choice for A/V device control.
Pro’s: Ok this will sound stupid… Inexpensive, surprisingly comprehensive, easy to implement, but it takes time (you will take many, many paths but you will know why you took them) I can switch the Marantz NR1711 to any input.*.  It's a tad slow switching inputs. (Fire TV, AppleTV, DirecTV/Satallite) Content searches and channel changes are snappy.  (“Alexa tune to Turner Classic Movies... Her response adds what is playing on TCM at that time!) That is solid.

Some gotchas. You can maneuver to individual programs (see above) but main screens like “Guide” “List” “Menu” aren’t happening (yet) *The Roku skill gives me a 403 in the Alexa app. Also I haven’t found a good DVD skill for my Oppo DVD player.

I really like the Input setup process. It has a voice acknowledge and test with the remote to make sure your selection works. A real no-brainer.

Right now the FireTV Cube is sitting atop the equipment cabinet in the equipment closet. Without any aux blaster whatsoever. And it works! Magically. DirecTV is setup for RF The Marantz NR1711 is not RF it's IR yet the Cube can make it dance. Maybe through HDMI? Me not know. Don't care.  See Photo.

This setup has taken days yet as stated above it was kinda easy. When I ask Alexa to switch to DirecTV I have to say “Satellite” otherwise I get FireTV. When I’m there and I’m changing channels I tell Alexa “Tune to ESPN on DirecTV”. She pretty flexible and you can ask in quite a few different ways. She will respond “Now tuning to ESPN on DirecTV, now airing Sports Center”. Mostly I don't have to say "on DirecTV".  I can say" Alexa tune to NBC"

The Alexa app is critical. You must do what I call “double thread” your device.  That's Device (DirecTV) linked to (Echo) and (FireTV Cube).

What follow might not be accurate but it's close.  Create your device “DirecTV” in FireTV Cube. Make sure it’s in the device list in the Alexa App. Create a DirecTV “Skill” in the Alexa app. Go to “more”. “Settings”. “TV & A/V” ok my memory is bad here…. The bar at the bottom “Create or Link Device”. Fill in the correct button (DirecTV Device). Link it to your Echo (Yes you gotta buy an Echo) then repeat and Link it to Fire TV Cube. You’ll get get it. On thing. The Alexa love creating superfluous devices. Like DirecTV’s that are “Type” Speakers”. Kill them. I don’t know why or how. It hasn’t bothered my configuration. Just make sure you don’t select one of these devices.

EDIT  When I started, I thought I would need a set of IR codes for the Marantz.   I searched the Web and called Marantz.  Bubkus.  Guess what.   No codes required.  It just worked.  For me.

Live long and prosper

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