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Post 1 made on Friday December 3, 2021 at 13:45
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December 2021
I am helping my neighbor re-hook up his entertainment system after everything as moved to refinish the hardwood floors. Got (almost) everything back in its place, and am having a few issues with the universal remote not making things happen.

Their system was professionally installed ~10 years ago, (almost) everything was working just fine until I unhooked/re-hooked. I've gotten access to Complete Control, but am a bit lost, looking for possible areas to troubleshoot.

Remote: MX-900
Base: MRF-260
Receiver: Denon AVR-2112-CI
DVD/VCR: Toshiba SD-V296-K-TU
BluRay: Sony BDP-CX960
TV: Sony KDL-53????

1st Problem:
The Vol+ Vol- and Mute buttons on the MX-900 do change volume.
These are programmed as "Punch Through"
The Macro has 1 Step, Function ,IR. Device (VOL +)
The Base MRF-260 flashes the red status light when pushed, but it doesn't seem to do anything to change the volume at the Denon Recevier. When I twist the Master Volume knob on the receiver, the volume does go up and down. They have a separate remote for just the TV they brought out, that does the volume now (controlling the receiver).

2nd Problem: The "Radio" controls of the receiver don't work either... they have presets for radio stations to plug in, they don't work either

IDEA 1: I don't think the Denon Receiver is receiving many control (It does seem to respond to some macros, like changing to the DVD player, but that may be because of what the receiver is programmed internally to do when an input is detected on the HDMI.

IDEA 2: The flashers might not be in the right place, routed correctly? I did label everything, and the red lights appear to be flashing on the fronts of the right components at the right times.

Question: Is there a way to check what flashers are aligned to which port in the base station?

Question: Any other ideas for troubleshooting?

3rd Problem: The Toshiba DVD/VCR can play the DVD Audio/Video, but when I try to shift over to the VCR, only Audio plays through the system. These are hooked up via RCA jacks from the player to the receiver. I might not have these directly into the correct jacks, but have tried every combo.

Question: Is there a good way to see what the Macro is trying to do to align the inputs?

Question: Are there Macros internal to the Denon Receiver to select different profiles? Could the MX-900 be programmed to trigger a Macro on the Denon to align itself up with the proper inputs?

Any tips appreciated!

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