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Post 8 made on Saturday August 25, 2012 at 00:05
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On August 24, 2012 at 17:42, Slimfoot said...
If the box labeled "Repeat while button is pressed" is unchecked, does this not mean it only sends the command once,

No, of course not. That check-mark only controls repeating while holding the button - so-called perpetual repeating.

When you UN-check that, there's a text-box above it where the specific number of repeats are set. That text box controls exactly how many repeats are sent ONE TIME, whether you press the button quickly or hold it down. The default starts at 3 and you have to change it to 1 if you desire.

Most remote protocols include some repeating by design, such as NEC which sends a one-time code and a minimum of 2 repeat "dittos". However some OEM remotes which implement that protocol in fact don't send any repeats at all by default and the products which they control may be oversensitive such that 4 repeats (the single one-time plus 3 dittos) might cause it to recognize as two button presses.

The issue with having to re-learn isn't because an OEM product may be oversensitive, it's because URC's software doesn't have robust protocol recognition and reconstruction and that their MINIMUM repeat settings don't work for the press and hold (default) button assignment.

I've done many learning tests as well as tests where I feed CCP specific IR codes that I've manually constructed and then check how the MX-980 spits them back out in IR to verify all this.

If you are using an OEM remote to teach the code to the URC remote you may have a difficult time. If you're willing to use Makehex to construct codes you can really fine-tune the codes for best results. - Mira & Manta IR - Remote Control Your Apps

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