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Post 1 made on Thursday November 25, 2010 at 00:45
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All the instructions for duplicating a theme and replacing graphics in the forum are about MX-980 editor or so it seems.

I'd like to have my own complete theme available in CCP, or at the very least graphics sets appear in the Image Gallery so I can drop and drop easily (with automatic depressed state).

With CCP's release all graphics resources were put into vfd files which one might think were "Virtual Floppy Drive" images, but I haven't been able to open them with the appropriate program for such files. The file format doesn't appear very complex, but considering Dale mentioned this concatenation of files was for convenience and not security/obscurity, I'm finding it very frustrating not being able to export nor import graphics en masse to create my own theme.

I know I can import one image at a time to replace an existing image, but that's tedious and only applies to the current ccp file or remote being worked on. I'm looking for a way to start a remote off from scratch with my own theme. At this point I can't even start without picking one of the default themes - if I can't create my own I'd at least like to start with an otherwise blank canvas - that's just not possible though.

Has anyone any information on taking apart and recreating the "URC COLLECTED" VFD files? An existing program to do that would be ideal. In the files I see a listing of file names followed by the files themselves concatenated along with some additional information. One shouldn't have to jump through hoops in figuring out file formats and writing their own tools simply to create a truly custom (and easily repeatable) graphics setup.

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