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For: Marantz RC3200
By: Darren
Darren's Simple Setup
This is my first attempt - it's not pretty, but it works.
Updated: May 04, 2003  Size: 58kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Hector Diaz
Hector Diaz's Neo Setup
Device page hacked to invoke macros to turn on and setup all equipment depending on desired source. Extensive device setup menus are in hacked Device page for both the Denon AVR and DVD units. They are not in the DVD or A/V Receiver pages. I have not included functions I don't use (such as PIP for TV) to eliminate clutter.
Updated: March 16, 2003  Size: 36kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Jason Duffy
Jason Duffy's Neo NCF
This is my second pass, much more complete. Very simple to use with built in macros and descrete codes. Also has channel logos for Direct TV.
Updated: August 08, 2002  Size: 57kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Kenneth Doak
Kenneth Doak's System
Used many ideas from this forum plus some ideas of my own for this hacked remote. Hope it helps!
Updated: October 03, 2004  Size: 136kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Paul Deschenes
Paul Deschenes's System
This file is set up for 2 rooms of equipment. Several menu driven macros for automation setting up DVD, VHS, Laptop PC MP3 player, Gamecube, XBox and more. Custom Cable TV categorized directory menu with channel buttons. Many discrete codes included for devices. Note: the MAIN title bar on the device menu is a drop down menu when pressed. Created with NEOEdit, NEOHacker and Tonto.
Updated: December 31, 2003  Size: 186kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Ryan Dittamore
Ryan Dittamore's System NCF
Simple, easy to use, yet with complete control. Macros allowing for easy on and off and switching of components. File contains learned functions for PVR commands not previously availible and top favorite channels w/logos.
Updated: August 08, 2002  Size: 40kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Tony DeCesare
Tony DeCesare's System Setup
This is working pretty good. It has several links and jumps. It's very user friendly (my wife is my primary tester!).
Updated: May 05, 2003  Size: 210kb
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