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For: Marantz RC3200
By: Aaren Jensen
Aaren Jensen's RC3200 Setup
Updated with a new button theme and icons. This file has gone though many saves and changes as I have added the various devices. I'm extremely happy with this purchase.
Updated: August 13, 2002  Size: 136kb

For: Marantz RC3200
By: Adam Julin
Adam Julin's RC3200 NCF
A complete system for the Marantz RC3200 including station logos and some hiden music. I was trying to make it easy to use. Thanks to Håkan Rolandsson for BMP files and ideas.
Updated: May 05, 2003  Size: 67kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Alex Kada
Alex Kada's ProntoNEO
Replaced all remotes and put all functionality in my Neo. For the TV I used TV logos (channels received in The Netherlands).
Updated: June 05, 2002  Size: 68kb

For: Marantz RC3200
By: Andreas Kurth
Andreas Kurth's RC3200
This file is for the Marantz RC3200 contains the codes of my 6 remote controls for my audio/video system. It is the very first usable version, so it's not very beautiful. But it does everything I want to do with the RC3200. Nice buttons, station-logos, more macros etc will follow...
Updated: April 10, 2002  Size: 53kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Andrew Phillippe
Andrew Phillippe's Simple CCF
My latest revision. I've got rid of all "cool but useless" features like drop down menus and got it really user friendly. Device based, but with access to most used functions on every page (TV aspect ratio, change TV and amp input, power buttons and page jumps for all devices, all really useful). The graphics are simple, clean but stylish, imho.
Updated: January 21, 2006  Size: 53kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Andy Green
Andy Green's RU930
This NCF works via "device" or "activity" modes. This NCF contains television icons, bitmaps and discrete codes (originally for the Pro and translated with Neohacker) taken from Remote Central. My thanks for all the people whose work I used in this file.
Updated: May 04, 2003  Size: 93kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Andy Scott
Andy Scott's NEO NCF
Press the Macro button (I know it's lame, but hey it works) this brings up the main driver screen. My wife only has to press the "Watch TV" button and presto, everything needs to watch TV is turned on and set into the right mode and the appropriate DVR menu is on the TSU5000.(I love this device). When she's done, she clicks the "Turn Off" button and shuts it all down. I took me about 10 hours of developing this (mostly because my TV Remote was broken). The time goes by so fast when you are playing with something like this. I think all of the remote buttons are programmed for the devices listed above. The Learn mode of the ProntoNEO was excpetionally easy. Before I started I installed the latest firmware patch. I think this helped.
Updated: December 17, 2002  Size: 46kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Aubrey Page
Aubrey Page's NCF
Complete NCF file for Panasonic HDTV and STB. Contains some hard to find IR codes.
Updated: December 17, 2002  Size: 53kb

For: Marantz RC3200
By: Ben Ruset
Ben Ruset's RC3200 NCF
A complete NCF file with the following devices.
Updated: January 04, 2003  Size: 47kb

For: Philips ProntoNEO
By: Bob Held
Bob Held's Tabbed NCF
Extensive use of tabs to provide multiple pages within devices. If your device is not directly supported you may at least find this handy to review for technique/style when designing your own system. "Browse back" capability is used to move between devices. See the shutdown menu for a GREAT .bmp that displays when system is shutting down!
Updated: May 28, 2002  Size: 87kb
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