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September/October 2002's Contest Winners
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Results for September/October 2002's "win a Yamaha RAV-2000 remote, Evolve Guide Remote, VTech VT-2431 cordless phone, H/K DAL-150 transcoder, Sennheiser HD500 headphones or $300 gift certificate" contest!

74.3% of all entrants correctly answered the skill testing puzzle.

Puzzle Solution!
It's time once again for a maze! Starting at the "GO!" box in the upper center, follow it through to one of three possible endings. Where does it lead? Note: if you find this difficult, consider printing it out on paper to solve, or try viewing the large version.

Square A (74.3%)   
Square B (15.6%)
Square C (10.1%)

The Winners!
Drum roll, please! Remote Central and AVSMARTS.COM are pleased to announce the following randomly selected winners:

Yamaha RAV-2000 Put a new spin on the Philips Pronto with the $499 Yamaha RAV-2000 touchscreen programmable remote control. Sporting a new physical design along with a customized user interface, the RAV-2000 provides full control over almost any home theater system. Using the RAVedit software package, users can add nearly unlimited devices, buttons, macros and custom graphics to their layouts. Want more information on this remote? Check out our review of the RAV-2000, or join the message forum! (WINNER: D. F. from Pennsylvania, USA!)

Evolve Guide Remote The $179 Evolve Guide Remote RD5000M is the ultimate accessory item to the professional channel surfer. Why? It includes a free TV guide, complete with detailed program descriptions! No longer will you be left wondering... “what’s on?”. Other tantalizing features include control of up to 16 devices with preprogrammed codes, 32 macros, television program and personal reminders, plus a backlit LCD screen. Eager for more information on this remote? Check out our full-length review! (WINNER: W. C. from Newfoundland, Canada!)

VTech VT-2431 Tired of being restricted by a cord? Upgrade to a cordless telephone and you’ll finally be able to take your phone with you everywhere around the house! The $179 VTech VT-2431 phone features 2.4GHz digital spread spectrum technology for the best clarity and range. It is also sports 50 name and number caller ID, visual call waiting, 50 name and number phonebook, backlit keypad and display, intercom, a keypad on the basestation, handset and basestation speakerphone and support for up to 4 handsets! (WINNER: R. C. from Texas, USA!)

Harman/Kardon DAL-150 Feel like hooking your computer up to your home theater receiver? Then you'll want to look at the $149 Harman/Kardon DAL-150 EZ Link digital audio transcoder and USB-to-S/P-DIF interface. Put into plain English, the DAL-150 bridges the chasm between your PC and audio system. It takes MP3 audio files from your Windows PC and converts them into standard PCM format, sending it over a digital coaxial cable to your receiver, which can then process it into glorious digital sound. The DAL-150 can also pass on the original MP3 bitstream to devices with built-in MP3 processing. (WINNER: M. E. from New Jersey, USA!)

Sennheiser HD500 The $99 Sennheiser HD500 Fusion headphones will enhance your personal listening experience by providing a faithful, analytic sound enriched by crisp trebles and powerful bass. The open ear BioNetic design makes them extremely comfortable to wear. These headphones feature duofol membranes and a connecting cable made of highly conductive copper. Frequency response is 14 to 21,000Hz with a 106dB characteristic SPL. (WINNER: J. W. from Alberta, Canada!)

$300! Can't find something in this month's contest that catches your eye quite enough to enter? Then how about a chance at a $300 gift certificate to put towards anything you like from! Sounds good? Then be sure to enter the contest today, click on the link below! (WINNER: M. D. from Texas, USA!)

All winners have already been contacted by email and informed of their prizes.

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