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April/May 2002's Contest Winners
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Results for April/May 2002's "Win a Samsung DVD-V1000, Monster Power HTS2500, 1 of 4 Easy Zapper Harmony remotes, 1 of 2 UCommand SRC-2010 remotes, or 1 of 2 Hot Link Pro's" contest!

92.9% of all entrants correctly answered the skill testing puzzle.

Puzzle Solution!
It's time for another anagram! This April & May you must decode four short anagrams of common home theater-related terms, then combine the highlighted letters vertically to make a single 4-letter word.


Answer: CODE

The Winners!
Drum roll, please! Remote Central and AVSMARTS.COM are pleased to announce the following randomly selected winners:

Samsung DVD-V1000 Having trouble deciding where to put your old VCR once you upgrade to DVD? Worry no longer, the $349 Samsung DVD-V1000 is the answer! This "two components in one" device gives you legendary DVD quality video and sound... and incorporates a 4-head HiFi MTS Stereo VHS VCR! The DVD player side includes component video output, dual laser pickup, built-in MP3 decoding, zoom, and Dolby Digital/DTS output. With the VCR you get Quasi-S-VHS playback, 400X super-rewind, auto clock set and front A/V inputs and comes complete with universal remote control. (WINNER: B. J. from Ohio, USA!)

MonsterPower HTS2500 When it comes to providing clean, reliable power, don't expect the power company to rise to the challenge. What you need is the best in power filtration - the $299 Monster Power Home Theater Reference HTS2500 PowerCenter. The PowerCenter features Clean Power filtering for audiophile and videophile quality sound and picture with three patented discrete filter sections. A remote activation circuit can be used for automatic turn-on of switched/timed outlets. It features 6 unswitched outlets for devices that require constant power, 2 switched outlets, 2 switched/timed outlets, gold-plated "F"-type connectors for cable TV and satellite protection, plus a phone line splitter with surge suppression. The HTS2500 is rated at 1850 joules for maximum power protection. (WINNER: A. O. from Arizona, USA!)

Easy Zapper Harmony Our next prize this month is one of the latest remote controls on the marketplace: the $199 Easy Zapper Harmony! Sporting a USB port, the Harmony is a truly innovative product that's fully internet connected. What's more, you get an on-remote TV guide with "scroll and click" channel surfing, code learning capabilities, deluxe system automation macros, a compact handheld design and much more. For more information on this product, hop on over to our complete review, or the Harmony chat forum. (WINNERS: J. S. from Indiana, USA; P. S. from California, USA; J. P. from Louisiana, USA; D. K. from New Jersey, USA!)

UCommand SRC-2010 You could also win a $169 Crisp Solutions UCommand SRC-2010 (AKA UC-626) touchscreen remote! The SRC-2010 is a hot 10-device learning remote control that features editable LCD buttons - add, remove, resize, move, relabel right on the remote - light sensor, hard button controls, macros, timers and a lot more! Plus it's simple to program with the intuitive design, or you can download the PC software for even more control. The updated SRC-2010 no longer requires a docking station to connect to a PC and includes USB connections! Read our review of the very similar UCommand 616 for more information. (WINNERS: M. B. from Texas, USA; C. H. from Nova Scotia, Canada!)

Hot Link Pro The $109 Hot Link Pro is an all-in-one IR distribution system. It allows the use of equipment behind opaque doors or inside of a closet. A new slimline sensor detects your IR remote's signals and rebroadcasts it through six tiny IR transmitters. Features a talk-back LED which confirms the reception of IR commands. The IR sensor is attached to a 3 foot cable leading to the repeater, which then has 7 foot ribbon cable with the IR emitters. Includes power adaptor. Gain the freedom to place your equipment where you want! (WINNER: D. M. from Pennsylvania, USA; K. S. from Nebraska, USA!)

All winners have already been contacted by email and informed of their prizes.

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