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May 2001's Contest Winners
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Results for the May 2001 "win a DVDO iScan, Sony RM-AV2100 & Tara Labs Cables, Nomad Jukebox, Crisp Solutions UCommand 616, Home Theater Master MX-500, UCommand 515, One For All URC-8600, Fobis Technologies Weemote 2 or X-10 IR543" contest!

96% of all entrants correctly answered the skill testing puzzle.

Puzzle Answer!
It's time for another anagram! This May you must decode four short anagrams of common home theater-related terms, then combine the highlighted letters vertically to make a single 4-letter password. In case the below worktable does not appear correctly, you must use the third letter of the first word, fifth letter of the second word, fourth letter of the third word and second letter of the fourth word. Hint for the final answer: you get this in a restaurant...


Answer: MENU

The Winners!

Drum roll, please! Remote Central and are pleased to announce the following randomly selected winners:

DVDO iScan Have a HD-ready television or projector but don't yet have a line doubler? Then the $549 DVDO iScan is right up your alley! The DVDO features the innovative PureProgressive technology with deinterlacing algorithms which perform over six billion operations per second on incoming video. The iScan uses the data from four video fields to determine exactly which portions of the image are in motion, what type of movement exists in each, and how best to generate a progressive image with maximum picture detail for that portion. The unit features two S-Video inputs, one composite input and component or RGB or VGA 480p output. (WINNER: C. K. from California, USA!)

Sony RM-AV2100 Need a really capable home theater remote? Then look no further than the Sony RM-AV2100. With its huge blue-backlit LCD touchscreen, capability to control up to 12 devices, 15 macros, full learning on every button, adjustable button macros and a host of other user-friendly features, the RM-AV2100 is one of the best remotes available for $179. Want even more information? Read our full review. But this prize doesn't end there! The winner of this excellent remote will also receive a mega package of super high quality Tara Labs interconnect cables with a retail price of $350! That's a total prize value of $529! (WINNER: A. S. from Virginia, USA!)

Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox C The $449 Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox C is a revolutionary audio jukebox which incorporates a 6 gigabyte hard drive for storage of over 150 CDs, all in a portable, compact package! The Nomad Jukebox supports a variety of data formats including MP3, WMA and WAV and includes a built-in DSP with EAX audio technology for superior playback. Plus, it's dual line-out jacks can be used for four-channel surround! The Nomad Jukebox only weighs 14 ounces but includes a full 8 megabyte memory buffer for 5 minutes of shock protection. You also get a speedy USB interface, adjustable playback speed, parametric EQ, line-in jack for .WAV recording and the PlayCenter 2 software package for full management of your audio collection. (Color may not match photo.) (WINNER: B. C. from Manitoba, Canada!)

UCommand 616 Our next prize, the $199 Crisp Solutions UCommand 616, is a hot 10-device learning touchscreen remote control. The UC616 features editable LCD buttons - add, remove, resize, move, relabel right on the remote - light sensor, hard button controls, macros, timers and a lot more! Plus it's simple to program with the intuitive design, or you can download Crisp's PC software for even more control. Want detailed information on this great remote control product? You'll want to check out our in-depth review! (WINNER: P. U. from Texas, USA!)

Home Theater Master MX-500 Last month marked the release of Universal Remote Control Inc.'s latest model, the $189 Home Theater Master MX-500. Be one of the first to get one! The MX-500 is a 10-device all-hard button remote with an LCD screen that contains two pages of customizable labels for 10 hard buttons - each device on the MX-500 can have up to 53 functions! It also features a 5-way joystick, built-in code library, full learning on every key, plenty of macros, a favorite channel section and great backlighting. Sound interesting? Check out our brand new review of this remote for all the exciting details, or visit the forum to talk with others. (WINNER: R. G. from Colorado, USA!)

UCommand 515 Next, you could win a $99 Crisp Solutions UCommand 515 remote control. The UC515 features a large, backlit LCD touchscreen display with light sensor, macros on any button, control of up to 8 components and much much more! But what's best is that the UCommand is so easy to program - and even easier to use. Be sure to read our full review of this remote for even more in-depth information. (WINNER: D. G. from Florida, USA!)

One For All URC-8600 Anyone with a large home theater system but a more modest budget will certainly appreciate the $49 One For All URC-8600 remote control. Featuring control of a full 8 devices, the URC-8600 features a informative LCD screen, full backlighting, a huge built-in code database, a favorite channel feature, plus macros and timers. With both menu, keypad and transport buttons, you won't be left trying to figure out what button does what! (WINNER: S. M. from Pennsylvania, USA!)

Weemote Have children? Then you'll want to take a look at the innovative Fobis Technologies Weemote 2 kids' remote control. The brand new $29 Weemote 2 is an easy-to-use, durable remote designed expressly for children ages 3 to 8 -- it features ten favorite channel macros, parental control, a hidden setup panel and can operate your TV, TV/VCR, cable box, PVR or satellite receiver. But what's more, think of the Weemote as a perfect decoy for your expensive universal! Check our complete review for more information on the original Weemote. (WINNER: K. S. from Michigan, USA!)

X-10 IR543 One of the most popular home automation technologies is X-10, which allows you to remotely control lighting, appliances and other devices with compatible X-10 outlets, switches and modules. But the problem with integrating this normally RF remote-based technology with a universal IR remote control is finding a way to convert an IR signal to X-10 (which is transmitted through electrical wiring). This is where the $29 X-10 IR543 comes in - it's a compact, efficient device that allows control of 16 devices on one house code. Check out the X-10 forum for more information! (WINNER: A. A. from Iowa, USA!)

All winners have already been contacted by email and informed of their prizes.

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