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January/February 2001's Contest Winners
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Results for the January/February 2001 "win a Philips Pronto TSU2000, Monster Power HTS3500, AudioSource System 100, HTM MX-1000, Sharp MiniDisc Recorder, Panasonic GigaRange Elite, UCommand 616, One For All Home Producer 8, UCommand 515, One For All URC-8600 or Weemote" contest!

91% of all entrants correctly answered the skill testing puzzle.

Puzzle Answer!
Tim's just picked up a new MX-1000 and has programmed a pretty wacky macro. Help him follow it from the beginning - the "Go!" box in the lower left hand corner - to its' completion. Which box does it lead to? Hint: if you have trouble completing this on-screen, print it out!

1) Box A (2.2%)
2) Box B (4.8%)
3) Box C (90.9%)
4) Box D (2.1%)

The Winners!

Drum roll, please! Remote Central and are pleased to announce the following randomly selected winners:

Philips Pronto TSU2000 The grand prize this month, the $399.95 USD Philips Pronto TSU2000 touchscreen remote, was won by T. C. from Nevada, USA. The Philips Pronto has swept the remote control world by storm ever since it was released. With a high-resolution LCD touchscreen, nearly unlimited devices, macros and learned signals, the Pronto can control even the most complex of home theater systems. Pair it up with the ProntoEdit software package and you can add your own custom graphical user interface and share your configuration with others on the Internet! The new TSU2000 model includes 2 megabytes of memory over the original model's 1 megabyte, plus a huge built-in preprogrammed code database. There's a lot more information on the Pronto available on Remote Central - be sure to check out our brand new review of the TSU2000, Unofficial FAQ with common questions and answers, the active message forum or huge file archive.

Monster Power HTS3500 When it comes to providing clean, reliable power, don't expect the power company to rise to the challenge. K. M. from Ontario, Canada's home theater system now has the best in power filtration - the $399.95 Monster Power Home Theater Reference HTS3500 PowerCenter. The PowerCenter features Clean Power Stage 3 filtering for audiophile and videophile quality sound and picture with four patented discrete filter sections. A high sensitivity analog voltage meter monitors amplifier current draw, voltage sags and all other incoming voltage. A remote activation circuit can be used for automatic turn-on of switched/timed outlets. It features 6 unswitched outlets for devices that require constant power, 2 switched outlets, 2 switched/timed outlets, gold-plated "F"-type connectors for cable TV and satellite protection, plus a phone line splitter with surge suppression. The HTS3500 is rated at 2590 joules for maximum power protection.

AudioSource System 100 S. N. from Minnesota, USA has won the $369.95 AudioSource System 100 home theater speaker system. This 6-piece kit includes front, center, rear and subwoofer speakers for a truly exceptional surround sound experience. The matched front and rear speakers each come with 4" polypropylene woofers and 3/4" tweeters. The center channel includes dual 4" woofers plus a 3/4" tweeter. Common features include all weather-resistant components, 100 watt power handling and 70Hz to 20KHz frequency response. The powered subwoofer includes a 100-watt amplifier and a 10-inch front firing reinforced driver with gold-plated binding posts and a 30Hz to 250Hz frequency response.

Home Theater Master MX-1000 L. B. from Oklahoma, USA will now be using one of the latest entries into the touchscreen remote control market: the Universal Remote Control Home Theater Master MX-1000. The $299.95 MX-1000 features a outstanding physical design with a large backlit high-resolution LCD screen, joystick menu controls, plus backlit transport, channel and volume buttons. Features include control of 12 devices, 75 macros, plus punchthroughs. Fully learnable, the MX-1000 also packs in a preprogrammed code database for ease-of-configuration. You can add, move and relabel buttons right on the remote through the intuitive joystick. Couple the remote with the special "MX-1000 Operating Program" PC software and you can customize it with your own buttons, layouts and easily entered text labels. Would you like more information on this great remote? Read our full review or join the Home Theater Master chat forum.

Sharp MD-SR60S MiniDisc MD enthusiasts will absolutely love the $259.95 Sharp MD-SR60S MiniDisc Player & Recorder -- and so will S. R. from Illinois, USA! The portable MD-SR60 features an ultra-slim compact case design with a stylish silver finish, front-loading mechanism, 24-bit ATRAC sound, Digital X-Bass and 10-second anti-shock memory. With the special Monaural mode you can get up to 148 minutes of dictation onto each disc. The SR60 comes complete with a NiMH battery that features a 7 hour playback or 4 1/2 hour recording time life, foldable headphones, remote control, optical digital cable, AC adaptor, RCA cable and carrying case. What more could you ask for?

Panasonic GigaRange Elite T. S. from Florida, USA will now be using the ultimate in cordless phone technology. The new $249.95 Panasonic GigaRange Elite SST KX-TG2650N Cordless Phone features 2.4GHz digital spread spectrum technology for the clearest in reception. You get digital full-duplex speakerphones on both the base and compact handset, each fully complete with dual keypads and dual Caller ID displays. The 3-line LCD displays each have a two-color backlight that can be used to separate incoming callers into different groups. The phone features 50-station Caller ID memory, a 90-station phone directory, headset jack and belt clip, plus 14-day standby battery life with 4.5 hours of talk time. Talk about communications!

UCommand 616 K. P. from California, USA has won the new $229.90 Crisp Solutions UCommand 616, a hot 10-device learning touchscreen remote control. The UC616 features editable LCD buttons - add, remove, resize, move, relabel right on the remote - light sensor, hard button controls, macros, timers and a lot more! Plus, it's simple to program with the intuitive design - and we're even including the PP-616 rechargeable battery pack! Want detailed information on this great remote control product? Check out our complete review!

One For All Home Producer 8 E. S. from Illinois, USA can now control her home theater from any other room thanks to the $129.95 One For All Home Producer 8. The URC-9800 is an 8-device learning remote control that features both an LCD screen for information display, but also a separate RF basestation that receives transmissions though the wall and rebroadcasts them as standard infrared. The One For All URC-9800 also includes full LCD and button backlighting, macro capabilities, a large built-in upgradeable code database with advanced functions, timers, and plenty of buttons to control everything in your home theater system.

UCommand 515 Continuing, M. M. from Auckland, New Zealand has won the $129.95 Crisp Solutions UCommand 515 remote control. The UC515 features a large, backlit LCD touchscreen display with light sensor, macros on any button, control of up to 8 components and much much more! But what's best is that the UCommand is so easy to program - and even easier to use. Be sure to read our full review of this remote for more in-depth information.

One For All URC-8600 Anyone with a large home theater system but a more modest budget will certainly appreciate the $49.95 One For All URC-8600 remote control, which was won by H. B. from Middlesex, England. Featuring control of a full 8 devices, the URC-8600 features a informative LCD screen, full backlighting, a huge built-in code database, a favorite channel feature, plus macros and timers. With both menu, keypad and transport buttons, you won't be left trying to figure out what button does what!

Weemote Finally, J. C. from Rhode Island, USA has picked up the innovative Fobis Technologies Weemote kids' remote control. The $29.95 Weemote is an easy-to-use, durable remote designed expressly for children ages 3 to 8 -- it features five favorite channel macros, parental control, a hidden setup panel and can operate your TV, cable box or satellite receiver. But what's more, think of the Weemote as a perfect decoy for your expensive universal! Check our complete review for more information.

All winners have already been contacted by email and informed of their prizes.

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