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Cogeco Digital Cable Free Channel List
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As a supplement to the main off-the-air HDTV Channel Map, this list of unencrypted ("Clear QAM") channels has been created for Canadian users who subscribe to Cogeco cable and would like to make the most of their equipment.

Most modern high definition televisions include tuners for both ATSC and QAM modulation types – the former for receiving digital signals from an antenna, and the latter for digital signals from cable. Yes, this does mean you can actually receive digital cable channels without the use of a rental digital cable box. However, Canada is still running behind the USA in regards to allowing consumers to make use of these tuners. While many American cable companies provide local channels in both SD and HD as unencrypted QAM, in Canada there is no such policy and providers are allowed to actively encrypt all channels, where they need to be or not, requiring you to rent or purchase a cable box for reception.

Special thanks to Mike Miles for suppling this list of channels for Cogeco in Hamilton, Ontario. This will likely be accurate for other Cogeco service areas, although the exact primary channel number may differ.

Cogeco Clear QAM Channel List (Video)
Updated: July 27, 2009
54-151SportsRogers Sportsnet Ontario
56-71NewsOntario Legislature
61 - 62Interesting!Active VOD sessions can be found on these channels.
80-1PromotionalCogeco Preview
81-139LearningAnimal Planet
81-151SportsRogers Sportsnet East
81-152SportsRogers Sportsnet West
81-153SportsRogers Sportsnet Pacific
81-155SpecialtyThe Accessible Channel
83-90LearningFood Network
83-94MusicMuchMore Music
83-96MusicMTV Canada
87-97FrenchCPAC French
89-12FrenchCBLFT (SRC) Toronto
89-25NetworkCKVR (A) Barrie
89-28NewsCBC Newsworld
89-40SpecialtyShopping Channel
90-4NetworkOMNI.1 (CFMT) Toronto
90-8NetworkSUN TV (CKXT) Toronto
90-22NewsCable 14 Hamilton (may vary by community)
90-29NetworkOMNI.2 (CJMT) Toronto
90-900NewsThe Weather Network
91-70NewsCTV News Channel
91-98NetworkWNYO (My Network TV) Buffalo
92-3NetworkCIII (Global) Toronto
92-5NetworkWIVB (CBS) Buffalo
92-6NetworkCBLT (CBC) Toronto
92-7NetworkCitytv Toronto
92-9NetworkWKBW (ABC) Buffalo
92-10NetworkCHCH Hamilton
92-11NetworkWGRZ (NBC) Buffalo
92-13NetworkCFTO (CTV) Toronto
92-24NetworkWUTV (Fox) Buffalo
92-31NetworkWNED (PBS) Buffalo
94-2NetworkCICA (TVO) Toronto
94-58ReligiousVision TV
94-95NetworkCFPL (A) London
104-89PromotionalCogeco Preview
104-122SportsGOL TV
104-185ReligiousSalt & Light
104-186ReligionsThe Christian Channel
106-87FamilyTeletoon Retro

Cogeco Unencryped QAM Channel List (Music)
63-301Galaxie: Pop Adult
63-304Galaxie: Ambient
63-310Galaxie: The 80s
63-315Galaxie: Adult Alternative
64-302Max Trax: Hit List
64-309Max Trax: Flashback 70's
64-317Max Trax: Jammin'
80-303Galaxie: Dance
80-306Max Trax: The Beat
80-311Galaxie: Gold Rock
81-305Max Trax: Party!
81-319Max Trax: CMT
81-333Max Trax: Jazz Café
82-331Max Trax: Masterworks
82-337Max Trax: Swingin' Standards
82-340Max Trax: Treehouse
83-308Galaxie: Rock and Roll
83-312Max Trax: Rock
83-314Max Trax: The Edge
83-338Galaxie: Nature
85-313Max Trax: Musique Bout'choux
85-336Max Trax: Memories
85-339Galaxie: Mousses Musique
86-318Galaxie: Folk Roots
86-329Galaxie: Chamber Music
86-330Galaxie: Baroque
86-332Galaxie: World
87-320Galaxie: Country Classics
87-324Max Trax: Franco Energie
87-325Max Trax: Top Détente
87-326Max Trax: The Light

If you'd like to comment on this list, please see our HDTV, Cable & Satellite forum.

Here are a few tips for working with QAM channels:

  • QAM channels will scan in ##.## format, such as 83.2 or 119.431. The first number represents the original broadcast channel, and the second is the subchannel.
  • QAM channels will not match the channel number assignments as you would see on an official cable box – thus the existence of this list.
  • Some QAM tuners will renumber the subchannels, for example if it scans in 82.17 and 82.18, it may display them as 82.1 and 82.2.
  • Some regions may use a different broadcast channel, however the subchannel structure typically remains the same. For example, you may find the group of channels shown here on 84.### moved to 93.### in your area – however the order of the channels should remain the same.
  • If you do not subscribe to cable TV or if you only subscribe to basic cable and there is a filter on your line, you will most likely not be able to tune any of these channels.
  • QAM tuners in HDTVs are fully capable of receiving high definition channels, however there are none available in Canada.
  • In the US there is a product called a “Cable Card” that can be installed in compatible devices and enables reception of encrypted pay-TV channels, proper channel number reassignment and so forth. Cable Cards are not supported by any Canadian cable company, although there is no technical reason for this to be the case. However support for 1-way Cable Cards has been almost completely dropped by hardware vendors, in favor of the new (and not yet common) “Tru2Way” standard, which is essentially the same but with 2-way communications to allow for VOD, PPV purchases and so forth. Once again, there has been no announced Canadian support for this standard.

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