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Post 8 made on Saturday March 20, 2010 at 12:44
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August 2009
The model numbers help a lot--perhaps you don't think of it this way, but that isn't a CD player, that's a CD changer.

Anyway, I don't see an exact match, but I'm very sure that we can make this work. Pioneer is very consistent in the way they assign IR code, so once we have the individual function codes for a type of component, we can expect that other component have the same codes.

For the CD, the closest match is a PD-F905, and hifi-remote has all the codes for each function. Many older remotes have setup code CD or Video 0032 and that will control most of the functions.  (Protocol is Pioneer, device 162). You can assign the missing functions by using the keymove feature of UEI remotes. However, you also need to control a dual cassette deck, and finding remotes that will control both is a little harder.

For the dual cassette, a thread here from 2005   (post by edmund, a long time and frequent poster) lists setup and function codes which will control both Deck A and Deck B.   (Protocol is Pioneer, device 161). However, the remotes which have these setup codes built-in wouldn't be easy to find, because cassette decks haven't been manufactured for some time.

Instead, your best course of action is to buy one of the following remotes, and then spend a half hour or so entering 5 digit numbers to assign each function to a button on the remote.  It's not hard.

The remotes which can be programmed to control both the CD changer and the dual cassette deck, as well as the receiver are:

OneForAll URC-8820N and 10820N  Make sure the suffix is N and not B00.  Available at Sears around $20.  This remote has setup code 0032, which will do most of the functions for the CD.  So this remote is the easiest to setup, but it is critical not to get one with a B00 suffix. 

RCA RCRFP05B     Available at Best Buy and some Walgreens $20. CD is accessible through setup codes Video 1023/1123.  Safest because there is no possibility of getting the wrong model.

Radio Shack 15-133,134,135  Discontinued, but will work.

If you prefer buing from the internet, the OneForAll and RCA are easily available, and you may find the Radio Shack ones also.    

For the tape, I think every function will need to be assigned to a button by entering a 5 digit EFC.

If you decide to go this route, I wil post the tables of function names and the 5 digit EFCs that you would need to enter.

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