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Post 43 made on Friday March 19, 2010 at 01:56
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August 2009
We're not guessing here. The website has a file describing the IR signals that the 1514B responds to. I've looked those up, and that shows 10030 will work as the setup code. To check that, I used a DTA remote to teach Vol and Power to another learning remote, and downloaded the learned signal via a JP1 cable into the computer. That verifies that the DTA remote, using 10030, does send the IR protocol NEC1, device 4, function code 2 for Vol+, function code 3 for Vol-, and function code 8 for Power. All of these signals match the file at hifi-remote. (The Power button first sends the power signal for the DTA, and then for the TV.)

So the task here is to get the setup code into the remote, since we know that 10030 is a good setup code.

Press and hold down the Set button until it blinks twice. When you first press it, it blinks once, but keep holding it down. Should take about 3-4 seconds before it blinks twice. Then release it. Next, use the number buttons to enter 10030.
When you enter the 5th digit, it should blink twice, which tells you that the code was accepted.
While entering the setup code, if the first button you press is anything other than a 1, the remote will give a longer single blink. No good.

If you can't get the remote to accept 10030 after a few tries, then do a 981 reset. Press until 2 blinks, then enter 981. The remote should blink twice.
Then try entering the setup code again.

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