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Post 1 made on Monday May 25, 2009 at 11:39
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May 2009
Cannot get my TSU9400 to work in standalone mode with my RFX9400. So far I have tried the following:

1. Downloaded the latest firmware for the TSU9400 (v 6.0.21) and RFX9400 (v 1.2.7).

2. Downloaded the latest version of PEP2 (v

3. Spun the Extender Id selector on the RFX9400 several times to remove any oxidization.

4. Reset the configuration settings on the RFX9400 to factory settings using the PC configuration tool.

5. Set the switches on the RFX9400 as follows: StandAlone/Network switch set to "Standalone", Settings switch set to "1", Extender Id set to "0"

6. In the System Properties panel, selected the "With Wireless Extender(s) in stand alone mode" button and set Pronto Channel to "1"

7. Added the extender to the configuration using the Add Extenders button. Set up the extender as "Extender 0" as a Wireless Extender (RFX 9400). Tried it with and without a fixed IP address.

8. Attached an Arcam AV9 and Scientific Atlanta 8300HD cable box to Extender 0 using the appropriate IR ports in the Building Blocks panel.

9. Connected the Arcam AV9 and Scientific Atlanta 8300HD cable box to the RFX9400 using mini-jack IR cables.

10. Downloaded the PEP2 configuration to the TSU9400.

I get the following error msgs:

1. Without a fixed IP address: "0464 Extender 0 IP address is unknown"
2. With a fixed IP address: "0401 Extender 0: Panel command sending failed" and "0404 Extender 0 didn't acknowledge command"

I have verified that the commands all work in IR mode by removing the extender from the TSU9400 configuration. I have also tried using a different RF channel on the extender (matched with the corresponding Pronto Channel setting) and configuring the extender using a different Extender Id. Each time I get the same error msgs.

At this point I have run out of ideas and really need some help.

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