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Post 17 made on Sunday November 5, 2006 at 22:04
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June 2003
This makes no sense to me. If the purpose of having the RFX-250 is to move the receiving end of the RF signals away from interference then why wouldn't URC provide cables that were shielded to prevent interfrerence from poluting the cables in the first place?

The RFX-250 is worthless if the cables that connect it to the base station are prone to the same interference that your trying to get away from. I've experienced this same problem with my MX-350. I move the RFX-250 but I still get interference UNTIL I move the cable that is teathered to the MX-350 away from the offending interference.

Why doesn't URC provide shielded cableing with their base stations to begin with? Obviously they are aware of the fact that the supplied cables will likely introduce the same interference that their product is suppose to allow you to move away from.

I had to use the extra long cable with the 3.5mm connector on one end and the tinned ends on the other just to get enough cable length to allow me to move the cable out of reach of any RF interference.

It seems to defeat the whole purpose of having the RFX-250 all togeather without having shielded cableing as a part of the package. I guess I need to make my own cable using CAT 5/6 cable to resolve the issue.

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