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Post 18 made on Saturday November 25, 2006 at 05:43
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December 1999
On November 25, 2006 at 00:17, DylanG said...
What the majority
of people people have or use should not always be the
guiding factor, but more the needs/wants of the user base.

Exactly what I meant. The "people" I was referring to are the people being targeted by the manufacturer.

Look across the line of higher end button-based universal remote controls and you won't see any DVR specific buttons other than buttons that can be used for other components, such as Skip+, Skip-, FF, RW, Play, Pause, etc. which are used for DVD, CD, etc.

That's what the LCD is for. You will seldom find a component-specific button on a universal remote control, unless it is a variable one like an LCD based one.

The market is too small in universal remotes to start making them closer and closer to the original remote. You'd have to have a dozen or more buttons on the remote, which would quickly make the remote unruly to use.

Yes, we all want our universal remote controls to be as close to our ideal as possible, but there are more ideals than there are users. My ideal remote one day is not the ideal remote the next day.......... it depends on what I'm using the remote for. There is always a certain compromise in any universal remote.

The touchscreen remote gets the closest to having exactly the buttons you want, but not everyone likes touchscreen. The closest we will get to the ideal remote is having one that has buttons that are multi-purpose across components, with the device-specific buttons on the LCD.

Hey, I'm just glad that there are separate Skip+ and Skip- buttons on the newer URC remotes! I asked URC to put them on the MX-700 and up, and they said that those buttons could be put on the LCD screen. Well, obviously someone got a clue that Skip+ and Skip- are used a lot, since the new remotes have them.

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