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Post 52 made on Friday September 22, 2006 at 04:09
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May 2006
On September 22, 2006 at 01:47, SOUND.SD said...
Where did I say I would not give am interested client
a copy of the software?

These remotes are easier than PC's?

I cant believe I am actually discussing the simplicity
of these remotes with you and how unnecesary CI's are
and then next you will ask one of us "how do I control
my RF lights with my RF remote" or something like that.

Enough already!

Much easier than a PC, but maybe u don't do much with your PC, for me there is no comparison, a URC remote is VERY SIMPLE.

My URC remote already controls every light in my home as well as many functions of my computer and my complete Home Theater, I have never asked for advice from anyone but I've given it a few times here. Programing a URC remote for me was a pleasure, well designed, well thought out, easiest remote to work with I have ever seen. Need for a professional programmer, about as much as I need a professional driver to drive me to work.

As URC says "Entertainment Made Simple" it's very true.

Now the only hard part for many can be obtaining software and keeping it fully updated.

CI's have their place, for those who want or need them and most customers don't.

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