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Post 49 made on Thursday September 21, 2006 at 23:52
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Customers that purchase after, get the remote as it was
meant to be sold. Programed and sold by custom installers.
Dealers will offer clients deals on the remotes, but
we have to be protected against people selling it for
less than our cost.

This statement is one reason that it is now very important to do research on the AD or CI prior to purchasing an MX Remote. The AD I chose provides the fully functional software at no additional cost but one should not assume that all AD's or CI's will. If they tell you that they will not provide the fully functional software, and this is important to you, look elsewhere. It is their prerogative to decide what level of support they will offer but it is yours to decide where to buy. Btw URC should be able to tell you which software the AD or CI provides so check with them when in doubt.

I could have paid for programming however I did not, programming was an option. Obviously not all will be able to do the programming and will choose this option. But seriously, these remotes really are not too difficult to program.

I actually considered a consumer model and for basic programming they looked to be fairly straight forward and simple. They however appeared to be a bit more complicated and time consuming to program to my personal requirements. Now granted, I never actually programmed one so I could be wrong. I searched through the forums here but could not find many programming comparisons between the professional and consumer lines. Since I had previous experience with an MX-700 I decided on the MX-900.

Speaking of the MX-900, I am really glad that I have the updateable software due to the known "button press" issues with this remote. Hopefully URC will correct the problem and make the updated software available to those that have to register on URC's site.

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