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Post 12 made on Monday November 27, 2006 at 22:45
Dave E
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September 2005
Who is going to pay for the return trip to the customers' home to fix the battery indicator on their remote? You make a minor change to a customer's system and download it to their remote and now something is screwed up because of a software "update" and it requires ANOTHER FREE SERVICE CALL to the customers' home once URC fixes this problem with a software "update". Who will pay us for the trip? How long will the customer have to get agrivated about it? How many calls do we have to take from upset customers? How many referrals do we lose? "It worked last week before you came out and added that new thingy for us. Why can't you just program it the way it was before?" Sounds like a reasonable solution to me, except the company that makes this great remote won't let us go back to what worked before the last "update".

As has been requested before, how difficult could it be to make available the past few "updates" so if we find a bug, we can go back to a previous version without the new bug???
How difficult is it to have a section on the dealer website for "Known Bugs" so we don't waste time thinking we have something programmed wrong???
How difficult is it to list what has been fixed in a newly released "update"???
If you are marketing to professional installers, why not try communicating with us!!

How about when you open Complete Control Suite and connect to the internet, a red bug appears on any of the buttons at the top to indicate that there have been bugs reported for that remote's software since the last time you connected to the internet. When you click on the button to start that remote control software you can click on a button to see what the known bugs are and any temporary work around, if available. If that particular bug will affect what you are about to program then you should have the option to roll back to a previous version, BEFORE you begin programming.
Just a few suggestion to make a good company a little better.
Hello?, hello? Can you hear me now? Is any body out there?

I'll get off the soap box now and let someone else have a turn.
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