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Post 1 made on Wednesday May 28, 2003 at 12:46
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March 2003
To be fair, I think an alternative voice needs to be heard on the iPronto....I was ready to can the device as well when I first got it...I got the first one in my city.....connectivity problems, freezing up, download problems, etc. BUT since the latest firmware and software updates, mine is working as advertised. My remote control configuration that I created/modified works flawlessly, the EPG works and pulls up the appropriate channel/program when pressed, (although my cable provider has such a good guide, I'm not sure the EPG is all that desireable or important to me...), the web pages work great, except a bit slow, and regarding my favorite bit of equipment usage, I use an Audiotron music component/server that is wirelessly sync'd to my pc where I have about 4500 songs burned and stored as mp3's....and since Audiotron (turtlebeach) provides a web page to control playback of all those songs on my system...and iPronto allows access to web pages, I can sit on the couch and access and control thousands of songs on my audio equipment and have total control of all of the devices...view what's playing next...change genre's or artists, etc. Very cool

Yes, there are still bugs and ommissions...all the channel icons aren't built in yet on the EPG, (and I'm not always in agreement with what category EPG thinks a tv program should fall in....( i.e. "entertainment" vs. "drama" as an example) and I have more fine tuning and macro programming to get through on the remote configuration, and I wish the webpages pulled up quicker, but I am happy with the progress philips has made in just a few weeks and am anxious to see the continued improvement like everyone else.

(And by the way, philips needs to fix the bug that causes the EPG to quit functioning as soon as you push a "hard button" have to exit out of EPG if you make that mistake and then go right back into will work then....)

Not perfect, but far from a pos.

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