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Post 1 made on Thursday September 9, 1999 at 13:01
Robert (RCI Automation)
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Since this is the most common question that I'm asked, I thought it would be appropriate to post the answer in this new forum.

Yes is the answer. And if you purchase the products and do it yourself, you can save a lot of money on installation costs.

How you do this is with a digital video/audio modulator. You take the audio/video outputs of the satellite receiver and input them to the modulator. A modulator takes the satellite video/audio and "modulates" it onto your home's coaxial cable as a separate channel. The satellite stations and cable TV channels (or off air stations) can coexist on the same cable. For example, you might program the modulator to output on channel 70. Then any TV or VCR tuner in your home connected to that cable can tune to channel 70 to watch the satellite channels.

The quality of the audio/video modulation is excellent if you use the right type of equipment. You can choose a modulator with single or multiple inputs. Multiple inputs can be used for dual satellite LNBs or for a surviellance camera you might locate on your front porch. Each input is assigned a separate output channel. With the audio, you can save money and use a monoral modulator or go with full stereo.

Remote satellite channel changing is accomplished in one of two ways. If you have a RF remote control for your satellite receiver, it will work in any room of your home already (within range). If you have an IR satellite remote, some modulators have an IR "engine" built in so the IR signal is also carried on the same coaxial cable. A special wall plate is installed in the remote room that consists of the coaxial cable output (connected to the TV) and an IR input jack. An IR sensor is plugged into the input jack on the face plate where the IR signal is mixed onto the coaxial cable and transmitted back to the modulator. IR emitters are then connected to the modulator and placed on the IR windows of the satellite receiver(s).

We are a distributor of Channel Plus equipment and have helped many people with this common problem. We not only distribute the products, we also install these products in homes and are familiar with their operation. We also can provide you with the technical advice (both printed materials and verbal) to help you with the installation.


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