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Post 11 made on Saturday January 17, 2009 at 20:30
hd fan
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March 2006
On January 17, 2009 at 12:27, Ernie Bornn-Gilman said...
| This thread has bothered me from the start because it
looks like a commercial thread, where someone is selling
something. Then it turns out that they don't seem to
be selling anything. They're hinting at something great
being out there...that apparently is not available. That
leaves me wondering what value this thread has to any
of us.

It of course has a value, at least from my point of view, as it calls everyone attention on another antenna that although not commercially available it can be done by DIY's. Very easy to build with easy to find materials, and of course very important , the antenna works and could be a good solution for someone out there. Also for hobbysts.

My problem with the start of the thread and the OP is the subtleness , the implicit intentions on how to redirect us to where the proper info is in another website, in other words , not to go straight to the point and just mention where to get more info. Might be in orther to comply with forum rules, IDK , to be honest I hardly ever read forum rules as I always follow rules that over the years I learned and/or was taught.

Like I said on my first post (intended to criticize the , in my opinion, obscure intentions of the OP) there is another website , canadian made as well , that has plenty of info on this matters as well ,

For someone like me who had to live most of his live under the ruling of a dictator back in Cuba, always shown only one side of the story and stopped from even, trying to view the other side, it would be an insult , now that I , thanks to the generosity of the Canadian Goverment and its people enjoy freedom , not to oppose or criticize actitudes that in nature are similar but somehow disguised. In other words, when someone has rules that forbids everyone from mentioning competing forums or will face a ban, it will always remaind me of the now old and sick , and thankfully about to die, Mr Castro. It is just the same dog but with a different collar.

Ernie , maybe now you will understand the several lol , the mispelled words and everything else. When blood boils inside at 100 degrees and the heart beats at 150, when passions and emotions are at maximun , not even the powerfull human brain can keep with the good work and eventually makes mistakes.

My apologies for being OT, I have a tendency to write long posts and apparently to be somehow criptic. But for being honest I will never apology, I will just be happy to face the consecuences, if any.

I will try to build one SBGH myself, now that the old set up died, and of course will post results.

Have a nice and warm day everyone.

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