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Post 51 made on Saturday April 23, 2005 at 12:45
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April 2005
Free iPods, PSPs, Mac Minis etc for the UK!

Ever wanted a free iPod, PSP, XBOX, Nintendo DS etc?
No need to buy or win one, get them for free!

These 'freebie' sites have been around the US for a couple of years now. But only just started in the UK.

Here's a report from a news site:

Even the BBC has a report:

The Saturday Times had a recent article about the US craze thats about to hit Britain:

So how do you get your hands on these free gadgets?
It's easy, just click on one of these links:

Gifts offered and referrals needed:
Ipod Shuffle 512MB (4 Referrals)
Ipod Shuffle 1GB (6 Referals)

Gifts offered and referrals needed:
Sony Slimline PS2 (6 Referals)
Microsoft Xbox (6 Referals)
Nintendo Platinum GameCube + MarioKart (6 Referals)
Nintendo DS (6 Referrals)
Sony PSP (12 Referrals)
Nintendo GameBoy Advance (4 Referrals)

Gifts offered and referrals needed:
iPod Mini, all colours (9 referrals)
20Gb iPod (12 referrals)
30Gb iPod Photo (14 referrals)

(Can be done in US and Canada)
Gifts offered and referrals needed:
Playstation PSP (5 Referrals)
Playstation 2 Slim (5 Referrals)
PS2 Metal Gear Solid & GTA: San Andreas (5 Referrals)
$250 Electronic Boutique Gift Card (5 Referrals)

Gifts offered and referrals needed:
Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (5 Referrals)
Apple Bluetooth Wireless Mouse (5 Referrals)
iPod Shuffle (1 Gb) (6 Referrals)
Mac Mini (1.25 GHz) (15 Referrals)

Gifts offered and referrals needed:
30 cash through Paypal (3 Referrals)
50 cash through Paypal (5 Referrals)
100 cash through Paypal (10 Referrals)
128MB MP3 Player (2 Referrals)
iPod Shuffle 512mb (4 Referrals)
iPod Shuffle 1GB (6 Referrals)
iPod Mini (8 Referrals)
Creative Zen Touch (11 Referrals)
Gmini XS200 20GB (13 Referrals)

When you click to the site you need to sign up there by putting your E-mail and creating a password(They will not spam your E-mail) then you will be asked to give your shipping details so they can send your gift. After which you can login to your account.

Once logged in you will be asked to complete one of the offers. I suggest you do one of the free trial offer such as a free DVD trial. Which you can cancel later on to avoid being billed.

Another good option is going for one of the gambling/betting offers. Some give you money for putting money in your balance, such as 5 for putting 5 in. You need to play one or few games/bets before you can withdraw all your money. So bet on a 'dead-cert' or play a simple game like Roulette. Most people seem to make money out of this. They seem to give credit for doing the offer more quickly too.

Credit/Debit card details may be needed for the offers(you don't give card details directly to the sites above but to the advertisers sites which are secure and reliable) but just cancel as soon as you get your confirmation that you have done the offer. So check back on the site regularly.

Now all you have to do is get the required number of referrals to sign up using the referral link that they will provide. They should then each do an offer themselfs just like you did.

Then just place your order and wait for your gift to arrive!


One more thing, do not make multiple accounts or refer under yourself, they will know and put your account on hold which means you won't get anything. Also you can't do the same offer more than once.

Thank you and good luck!

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The best things in life ARE free!

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