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I'll add some detailed instructions even though this is a old thread.

Remove the two torx screws which are visible in the bottom of the battery compartment. They are T6 and the screws are security-type with a tiny stem visible in the screw head which indicates if there was an attempt to remove. The stem just goes away; won't interfere.

Find an old credit card (old because it will get scraped). This works well however, there are many new plastic tools used on cell phones, etc. which may also work and may be easier or better. YMMV...

Read through completely before beginning!!!


Put a double-folded towel on your work area to protect the face of the unit and the buttons. There are times in this process where it is better to hold the unit in one hand and and work the credit card, particularly at the beginning. Later, it may work better to work the credit card when the unit is face down.

You want to remove the back, not the top. Starting near the area under the charging pins, insert the corner of the credit card and push in between the black shiny plastic and the grey colored back. Insert about 1/2" or slightly more and begin sliding the credit card around the space between these two pieces. Twist the card a bit and experiment with the depth.

Work slowly, twisting and lifting somewhat and following the curve. You should experience some pops and snaps as the connecting joints begin to disconnect. Keep working around the side of the remote, twisting and varying the depth of the card. You will begin to get a feeling about how deep the credit card should be.

As the pieces continue to separate, you can carefully begin to use you hands a bit to further separate the pieces, but not completely until you have several inches which will move. Then go back to the credit card to ease the case apart. STOP when you get to the top on that one side.

Go back to the bottom and begin working on the other side of the remote in the same manner, stopping when you get to the top. You should be able to use your hands to further open it but it may not completely remove at the top.

Carefully, with controlled force, you can slightly pivot the entire back from the bottom in a side-to-side motion while slightly-lifting the bottom which will begin to UN-connect the top area.

But go slow, with careful force as there is a speaker in the back plate with a wire which is not very long and any quick, huge moves could cause some damage. Once you get the back off, you can disconnect the speaker wire and get the whole back piece out of your way. Don't forget to connect the speaker when you re-assemble.

The switch which is problematic is on the lower circuit board, near the bottom-right corner, labeled S1. You will see it has a rocker-plunging action which you can press with your finger. The switch has only two solder connections, it is not mounted through the board with legs or anything similar. It is surface-soldered. Heat up one joint and lift one side and repeat on the other side. It should come off fairly easily once heated. But go slow and heat completely as the solder pad on the board is a bit fragile.

Any thin wire will work. It is probably easier to have a 16-20 gauge solid wire without insulation. It is easier to start with a 3-4" long piece. Sort of lay it across the two solder pads diagonally using small pliers. Tin one end of the wire first. Then solder one end and then solder the 2nd end. Cut off any excess. Check for good, shiny solder connections.

Plug in the SPEAKER wire!

To re-assemble, start at the top and and place the back cover in preparation to connect on both sides, look for connections points since you have a full view. Connect the top if you can and slowly work down fitting and nudging the back. Try not to fit it together FULLY at first. You may need the credit card to wiggle the connections points. This can be a little tricky, so go slow. If you get it too tightly connected you can use the credit card to back it away. Take your time..

Put the screws back in. Make sure the unit is powered off using the small slider switch on the top-right of the battery compartment. Plug in the battery gently, put in the battery. Pay attention to gently route the battery wires at the top of the battery if they are in the way of the wall and the sharp vertical braces.

Fingers crossed...hope it works!


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