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Post 163 made on Friday November 27, 2020 at 14:32
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November 2020
[Edit 3/4/21: several people have reached out asking for the dealer who I worked with. Unfortunately, as of a couple weeks back, his site is down and I don't have any other contact method. Good luck, fellow hobbyist.]

[Edit 11/29/20: this replaces my short post seeking CCP a few days ago. Iím deleting it since I got what I needed, and adding some context for future visitors who end up here via a Google search for the installer files.]

For regular members of the RC community, If you reached out by DM, here's the update: I made an awesome connection with an expert and got the software I needed in a mutually beneficial transaction that didn't violate URCís license to dealers.

For other hobbyists and DIY guys who come here next, here's what you need to know.† The URC authorized resellers on here just donít care that you think it's absurd you can't just download the software you need to program your expensive remote. They make money programming these, so your interests arenít aligned asking for a copy of the software. Also, theyíre not allowed to give you a copy under their license with URC, unless youíre a customer.

Here's what worked for me.† I found a friendly URC dealer and offered $50 to be on-call for a half-hour of help if I ran into trouble installing CCP or connecting my remote.† I told him Iíll use his service if it turned out to be more than I wanted to handle. Worked great. He gave me the software and made a few bucks for doing almost nothing. I am now busily digging into the details and figuring out how to really play with my awesome new toy.

Good luck on your quest!

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